Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bali - Go Holiday! Artini 3 Cottages Hotel, Ubud


The long awaited holiday has arrived!! It has been a long stretch of stressful months for me. I was nearly giving up on this well deserved holiday because I was such in a depressed mood.
Thank GOD I didn't! ^_^

After 3 hours on the plane, it was a relief to land safely on Bali's Ngurah Rai airport. As soon as I collected my luggage, walked out from the arrival hall and was greeted by a huge group of people holding up cards written or typed out with names of guests they were to pick up.

Started searching for my name (feeling like a VIP - Very Important Princess.. ehem..ehem..). Our driver was dressed in balinese wear and we rode in a Toyota Innova to the hotel (one way transfer @ Rp 200,000/ car)

Reached Artini 3 Cottages & Spa around 11.20pm. It took the driver about 50 minutes drive from the airport to reach the hotel at Ubud. Check in was a breeze.. it was late, so they just gave us the keys and were were shown to our rooms. They said it's late and they know we were very tired after the long journey. How thoughtful =)


Paddy field on the way to the hotel's entrance.

Hotel's Entrance.

Reception area.

Rooms that faces the swimming pool.

Swimming Pool...At the little hut, there's a phone, you may dial "0" (or was it "1" , forgotten..=p) to request for towels to be brought over to you.. yeap.. right to the pool area.. VIP? Yeah Yeah!

A glimpse of my room from the groundfloor..

Door to my room - Deluxe Air-Conditioned room @ USD 45/ night.
I booked it directly with the hotel..only to find out that If I book through, I could have paid a cheaper rate @ USD 35/ night)

Plenty of natural light flowing into the room in the morning..

Amenities in the bathroom - Soap.

Amenities in the bathroom - Toothbrush, Toothpaste & Shower Cap.

Spacious bathroom.

Bathroom - Sink area.

Queen Size bed - nope.. the mattress is not Vono/ KingCoil/ Sweet's just a normal bed which can be found at Pasar Malam / Night Market =p

The hotel's restaurant / cafe where breakfast is served daily.

Complimentary Breakfast:
Artni Pancake - choice of banana or pineapple, topped with honey and accompanied with assorted fruits.

Complimentary breakfast:
American breakfast - Eggs accompanied with Ham and Sauteed Potatoes.

Complimentary Breakfast:
Egg Jaffle with Sauteed Potatoes.
(When I first looked at the menu, I thought a Jaffle was like some kind of a Waffle =p)

Complimentary Breakfast:
Omellete with Potato Cake (like "Bergedil").

Complimentary Breakfast comes with refillable cup of tea / coffee.

Entrance to Spa... Didn't opt to go for a spa experience here as it was a little pricey.. charges are around USD 60 and above..

One of the Spa room.

The Burung Murai that sings and sometimes talk to entertain the guest =p

Ubud Map available at the hotel's reception area.

Check out another Ubud map by clicking here.

My overall experience staying in this hotel:
  • Pleasant
  • Friendly and Attentive Staff
  • Spacious Rooms and Bathroom
  • Quiet and Peaceful

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