Friday, October 29, 2010

iL Primo Restolounge, Jalan Kia Peng


This was an event that I would never forget. For the first time, I have to co-organize an event with so many VIPs & VVIPs! A bit scary eh? Indeed it was for me! But it was an awesome experience and I'm glad I had the opportunity to experience the whole process ^_^

il Primo Restolounge is located on the first floor of Conlay building

Ginny, Outlet Manager (love her energy) and Head Chef, Federico Michieletto (love his passion of food and creativity in food creation!)

Chefs all ready to ROLL!!

Table set up and stage area

Final inspection on seating layout and agenda

 Finally, the guests have arrived!!

Event kicked off with the serving of cocktail and mojitos...

Cocktail: Deep Fried Prawn with "Kataifi" & Mango Mayo

Cocktail: Mixed Sushi

Missing photo for cocktail: Charred Beef Tenderloin canape

With all the speeches done, Dennis Lau the violinist struts his stuff on the stage

Beginner Choice 1 - Crudo Platter : Fresh Hamachi with Capers Relish & Tapenade/ Fresh Scallop Carpacio with Summer Truffle & Spicy Lamb Chorizo/ Fresh Sweet Ebi with Fresh radish-slaw 
(Yeah, sushi / raw eater lovers will enjoy this one..not me :p)

Beginner Choice 2 - Autumn Chilled Platter : Chill Szechuan Chicken with Hot & Spicy Sauce/ Crabcake with Avocado Salsa/ Autumn Salad with Truffle 

Entree: Ricotta Spinach Raviolli with Prawn Essence and Flower
(Prawn Flower, simply means.. a piece of prawn shaped into a flower?) ^_^

Syafinaz joins Dennis Lau on stage to serenade guests

Home-made Passion fruit sorbet served before Main Course.
Love the smell & taste of this! 
(I would rather enjoy it AFTER my main course :p)

Next up - the main course, served.. three choices for guests to choose from..

Main Course 1 - Baked Boston Lobster with Slow Cooked Cod Fillet with Horseradish-chive cream & Baby Vegetables

Main Course 2 - Slow Roasted French Duck Breast with apple prune reduction with Pan-Seared Foie-Gras with Briocheand Raspberry Flambe and Baby Vegetables

 Main Course 3 - Char-grilled Wagyu Sirloin wuth Wild Mushroom Ragout with Baby Vegetables and Braised Rose Shallot

Not to forget...Wine! ^_^

What's next? Desserts~~
Lemon Tartlet - one of my favourites!


Vanilla bavarois with passion fruit

Opera Cake


 Sacher Torte - Another favourite of mine (simply a yummy choc cake to me..lolz)

We were on Malaysia Tatler Magazine!!!
Read OCBC Bank's media release

No. 26 & 28,
Jalan Kia Peng, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2143 2798

Business hours: 
Lunch: 12noon-3pm 
Tea : 3pm-5pm;
Dinner : 6pm-11pm
Sunday brunch: 11am-3pm.

Sun-Thurs, 11am-1am
Fri, Sat, public holidays, 11am-3am

Pork free.

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Counting Steps At Batu Caves


On the way back from Bukit Tinggi, suddenly decided to drop by Batu Caves temple since it's on the way (and I haven't been there before either).

Ermm.. I just had a hiking session at Bukit Tinggi, now here?
I can't believe it myself!! Lil Piggy is having a weekend of hiking session! LOL!
Okay...Let's start counting the steps!

Nearly halfway up.. not bad.. I am still feeling ok..

This little girl ran up the stairs barefooted with such ease!

Yes.. I am in a dress and slipper again.. this trip wasn't planned for either! LOL!

There are monkeys here too!

It was known that there are 272 steps leading p to Batu Cave temple.. but I only counted 254 steps..Maybe I lost count while catching my breath on the way up.. LOL!
After all those steps..reached the mouth of the cave..
I didn't expect it to look like this... Such a huge place!

There are water from the top of the cave dripping down..unfortunately my camera unable to capture that scene =p
The main temple at the top of the cave.
The scenery at the top .. Ohh so pretty!

Colourful sculptured and statues adorning the entrance / exit arch.

Another cave nearby Batu Caves - The Dark Cave..

Hmm.. I wonder how educational this trip would be..maybe next trip =p
Okay.. Lil Piggy had a good exercise.. time to head to my pig-sty and get a good rest before the start of another stretch of hectic days..:)

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A Moment of Hush at Colmar Tropicale


Its time to get some quiet time away from the city and most important of all - the stressful long hours at office!!

Decided to make a short trip to Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi. Most of my friends said it's a boring place..but let's go anyway =p

On the way up to Colmar Tropicale.. the road is quite narrow..

After nearly 15mins drive up the road..finally reached!!

How it looked like inside..

Lobby is on your left as you walked in from the main entrance.

CUCKOO!! CUCKOO!!! Clocks showing time of London, Paris, Tokyo, New York and of course local time , Malaysia :)

My first impression of the Superior Room...Wow.. this is huge!! It's more like a one bedroom apartment! This is just the living room..

Dining area.. good place to have a game of UNO Stacko / UNO card/ Cho Tai Ti? hehehe

Housekeeping needs improvement....mentiond this in my customer survey and a week after that, received an email from the marketing department stating that "they have received my feedback and will improve.. yadaa..yadaa..yada.. hope to see me in Colmar Tropicale again in future.."

Kitchen area.. but management stressed "NO COOKING ALLOWED!"

Dressing room next to the bathroom.

Bathtub with shower and the amenities are quite standard.

That door right after the wardrobe is the dressing room and also access to the bathroom.

Plenty of natural light in the morning. Made a complaint about the pillows and bed as well - too soft that I got neckache and I think there are bed bugs!

Scenery out of mybedroom window..

Swimming Pool...
What to eat at Bukit Tinggi? Although they boasts having quite a few restaurants/ cafe there..There's actually nothing appetizing..Since upon check in, the hoel has given a 20% discount voucher to dine at Le Poulet Roti, so let's not waste the voucher =p

Le Poulet Roti Cafe in the morning..

Oriental Roasted Chicken - comes with oriental sauce which turns out to be soya sauce with a bit of belacan and chillies?? @_@

Roasted Chicken with Mushroom Sauce..I find this better than the Oriental.

Complimentary dessert - muffin. If you're hungry.. you won't mind its tough texture..hahaha...

Buffet breakfast at Le Blason - nothing much to eat..

The shuttle bus to Japanse Garden :)

Huhhh??? I seriously didn't expect to be going on a hiking route when I reached the entrance to the Japanese Garden & Botanical Garden.

Wearing a dress and a slipper..okay...hope I don't get blisters and guys, don't peek at my bum bum! =p

Approximately 10 minutes, came by to this sign board, huffing and puffing... geezz..this is what happens whn you're not a person that goes on a regular exercise workout..

Went to the Japanese Garden first..

Cute little Japanese dolls for sale at souvenir shop.

"Hiking" is not over..there are steps to climb along the Japanese Garden..

More steps!! @_@

Lotsa green.. very relaxing for the eyes..

You can rent a kimono here and take pictures..

Popular photography spot.. hehehe...Did I pose to take any pictures here? NOPE! =p
Instead,I took pictures of people taking pictures of themselves.. hahaha

Japanese restaurant - Ryo Zan Tei nearby Botanical Garden.

At the Botanical Garden..Which way to take? Hmmm..actually it leads to the same meeting point further up.. :p

Am not sure why these trees has such funny names in Bahasa Melayu..lolz..
Kembang Semangkuk Jantung - Swollen Bowl of Heart
Minyak Beruk - Poo of Monkey...

Viewing tower at night..

This is what you can see when you're at the top of the viewing tower..

Wishing Well! I've forgotten to make a wish! Bummer!

Mini open air theater..

Target Shooting? RM 5.00 for 5 pellets! Crazy~!

Wanted to have a go at pool.. but there's no one manning the counter..hmm..

So.. gave up in waiting and played shoting game instead.. :P

For the kiddos...

"Fish a Duck!"

Visited the Sports Complex further down the hill.. it's like a white elephant place..

The deserted bowling alley at the Sport Complex..

Archery and Squash court..


Golf course

4-faced Buddha statue - The three faces are female, another is a male face..There are no description of any sort why this temple were built here.
The 4-faced Buddha marks the last destination for my trip to Bukit Tinggi..
Will I be back? I guess not... I ONLY enjoyed the visit to the Japanese Garden...
This would be classified as a "Just a one time - look see trip" :)

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