Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Day at the Beach


Godpa decided to bring us to hang out by the beach and see if we wanna go for some water sports activities. Drove over to Sunset Bistro, Batu Feringghi...lazed around by the beach, sipping fruit juices and watch the other beach goers enjoying their own activities..ride a horse, go for a jet-ski ride, parasailling or just taking a stroll on the beach.

One of the activities at the beach - Ride a horse.

After a while, we decided to ask the water sports operator whether they have StingRay ride or something similar to it. We were told that most operators no longer reccommends StingRay / FlyingFish rides to customers, as the rides are quite dangerous.
Instead, they offered us to ride on Storm at RM 30 per pax.

GodPa and Lil Sis went for the ride first, while Monkey and I stood by the beach watching them. The ride seem to be quite fun and don't look extreme at all..

Godpa got on STORM while my lil sis waits for her turn.

All set and good to GO!!!

I planned to go for a jet-cki ride after a ride on Storm. When they returned to the beach, they both looked relaxed and they were smiling..And they are both dry. So, I thought to myself, this would be like a little boat ride. You are soon to know why I changed my mind..

Getting on Storm was no hassle at all..Was told to hold on to the strap / handle to balance ourselves and remain seated on Storm. When we called out we're ready, the boat went off with a start and Storm we were on shot off with a shriek of delight escaping from my mouth. Laughing in glee..........

The shriek of delight turn to a sudden shriek of panic when Storm made a sharp turn on the rough waves, I lost my right hand grip and I can feel my body being lifted from Storm. In the state of panic, I managed to hang on to my left grip (THANK GOD!) and try reaching for my right grip on time before I was really flung out of Storm. Pheeeww!!

From that moment on, I gripped both of my hands on the hand grip FOR MY LIFE! The boat was pulling us so fast, the seawater splashed into my eyes and I can't wipe them off with my hands (I'm hanging on for my dear life, remember?) and when my mouth opened once a while shrieking in shock as the Storm bobbed along the waves so quickly that my legs and body were constantly being in mid air. Gawd.. I think that's the time I am using all my hand muscle (as if I have them..@_@) to keep myself from really being thrown into the sea.

When the boatman finally brought us back to the beachside, we were WET ALL OVER! My Lil Sis was surprised! No, we were not smiling like they were when they finished their ride earlier.. we looked RELIEVED! Gosh... My hands were trembling a lil bit and reddish from hanging on tight at the grip. My mom and god ma said they could see that the ride were not a pleasant one for us from where they sat. My god ma said she was actually shouting to ask them to stop..LOLZ!! Of course they can't hear her.. (they can't even hear me shouting in panic!! HAHAHA..)

Anyway, a good stress release session..much better than Genting's Corkscrew Roller Coaster and Solero Shot..hihihihi


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