Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bali - Tanah Lot


Today would be a full day tour, starting with Tanah Lot Temple. Reached Tanah Lot nearly noon time and the sun was blazingly HOT! Mr. Bina said he usually brings his tours to visit Tanah Lot in the evenings but since I decided to visit Uluwatu Temple to watch the sunset today as well, we have to make the visit to Tanah Lot at this hour.
Tanah Lot is located at Tabanan and it housed one of the famous temple that sits on an offshore rock. It's famous for sunset sceneries for photography enthusiasts.

Entrance Fee to Tanah Lot @ Rp 10,000 per pax.

Rows of souvenir shops all the way to Tanah Lot.

Really pretty wood crafts.

Something I realized about Bali was that there are quite a number of souvenirs sold in the shape of a penis.
In Penang Island, for those of you that have visited Kek Lok Si Temple before, you may notice that souvenirs in the shape of poo / faeces were sold.
Makes me wonder....Bali is proud of their male sexuality and Penang is proud of poo?? LOL!

They can balance items on their head without needing to hold on it! COOL!!
Seems like today was some sort of a prayer / worship day for the devotees here..

After a 15 minutes leisure walk, finally reached the main entrance of Tanah Lot temple.

A band of musicians were playing on their insruments when we reached.
We were just in time for their welcoming song. =D

More steps to descend to get to the famous temple area.

Another temple "gate".

Ducks playing with shallow sea water - so cute! ^_^

Devotees making their beeline to the temple while some devotees stood back to join in the priest chanting prayers.

The famous Tanah Lot temple.
It's low tide - devotees were able to make their way to the temple grounds.
I didn't make my way any nearer to the temple as I thought it would be rude to interupt the prayers in session. I was told by Mr. Bina that there's a big snake at the entrance of the temple which is believed to be the guardian of the temple.
Next destination: GWK Cultural Park.


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