Sunday, April 29, 2012

Kuching - Harbour View Hotel


I was at Kuching, Sarawak again for another wedding! =p

Stayed at Harbour View Hotel this time around as the groom managed to secure special rates here @ RM 130nett / night inclusive breakfast. Else, I would have to pay RM 165nett/night.
Building of the Hotel

Hotel Lobby (sorry for the blurred picture =p)

Lift area & Coffee House area
Walkway to the rooms

Bathtub and Shower with a dispenser for a 3-in-1 body shower + shampoo + conditioner

WC and Sink - relatively clean

Hair Dryer available in the bathroom 

Flat Screen TV with a few satellite channels

Complimentary bottled water, Tea/Coffee

Queen sized Bed - not very comfortable, a bit sinked in but for a night stay - it was bearable.

The walkway area from the door into the room

Well, it comes with basic hotel amenities. So, like I said - bearable :)
As for the wedding reception, it was my first "Bride and Groom-donning-Traditional-Iban Costume-wedding-in-a-ballroom" experience. Visit Veeky-Leonora's Blog (The Bride) to view pictures from the wedding.

** Congratulations to the bride & groom for hosting such a lovely wedding dinner and thank you for such an enjoyable experience. Wishing the lovely couple lots & lotsa bliss in their new journey as husband & wife.**

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Stress Kills!


Just got to know a friend's friend passed away due to stress.. @_@ Not sure if that's the main course but it kinda tells me to get my stress level in check!!! Gulpz..

What do I do when I get all stressed out? Well.. usually...I...


..and not forgetting ICE-CREAM treats!!

But of course, that's quite unhealthy...WHAT WAS I THINKING???
So, let's go for..

 Exercising! (Something which Lil' Piggy me finds it a HUGE CHALLLENGE!)


A day at the SPA - Body Massage, Facial, Manicure, Pedicure..

The picture above happened to me a number of times... hmmm.....

Catch up on ZZzzZZZzz...A well rested sleep with no interruption and nightmare =p

Read a novel / book (I love this one.. takes me away into another realm! =p)

Go for a walk in peaceful park / garden, or just sit there to clear off your mind...

Of course.. PRAY..Have faith & trust in God..

Take care and God Bless all of you wherever you are!

Some write up on stress:
University of Southern California : Chronic Stress Can Cause Brain Disease
Reuters - Work related stress can kill
CBS - Work Stress Can Kill You
LessStess - Diseases Caused By Stress

*All photos courtesy of GOOGLE*

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Genting Highlands - First World Hotel


I've been to Genting Highlands and stayed at First World Hotel for a number of times but I didn't post in in my blog! :p So for the benefit of those who have never been to First World Hotel, here are some pictures for your further consideration.

Room rates ranges from RM 150 - RM 280 (Low - Peak season) for a Standard / Deluxe Room.
I've booked 2 rooms for Apr 1-2 2012 (low season) and it cost RM 98 + 1000 Worldcard points. (excluding breakfast)
 -View Seasonal Chart-

The First World Hotel colourful building

One of the entrance to the hotel

Beat the queue, check in via the Express Check In Kiosk

Ice creams anyone? 
There are two towers that housed the rooms at First World Plaza. You may want to request for rooms located at Tower 2. It's much more comfortable compared to the ones in Tower 1.

Deluxe Room with entrance area (sorry for the mess of bags everywhere - can't be complaining much when you're sharing the room with a few others :p)

View out of the window from 19th Floor. (By the way, it's my first time getting a room at First World Hotel that has a view! =p)

TV, Dressing Table, Mini Fridge and Safe Box

The bathroom

Standing shower with hot water
Note: Tower 1 bathroom is much more smaller than Tower 2's bathroom (that the reason why earlier I mentioned you may want to consider requesting for rooms at Tower 2 instead =p)

Joined twin beds that fits 3 pax

Listed in Guinness World Records
And.. Ripley's Believe it or Not..

Pretty cool eh? Well, if you're not a fussy person and if you need a place to rest after all the shouting/ laughing from visiting the theme park & casino.. First World Hotel is quite decent.

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Genting Highlands - Fooling Around


Being a FOOL at Genting Highlands on April Fools Day! LOL!
And I got April-Fooled by His Highness on the very morning itself! (Next Year, MY TURN!)

After lunch, head up to Genting Highlands.. I've been there a few times but knowing that I those I love are going along with me, it's a different feeling altogether :) You know what I mean?

Road heading up towards Genting Highlands
Skipped the Skyway as we drove all the way up to the hotel (besides, Permaisuri has fear of heights, despite all efforts to convince her, she rather skip the skyway experience)

At First World Plaza, packed with Indoor Theme Park, Performance Stage, Shopping Outlets, Restaurants, Bowling Alley etc..  

Well, besides visiting the casino, managed to convince Permaisuri and Papi to at least go for a 4D Motion Master ride. 
(Picture courtesy of Genting Theme Park)

The Little Prince & The Haunted mine is "screening" but when we bought the ticket, Little Prince shows are over. So no choice but to go for Haunted Mine.

Tickets @ RM 8.00 per pax/ride. 
Note: You'll get to enjoy all the rides available in the indoor theme park if you purchase the "one-Day Unlimited Pass @ RM 30/pax (View 2012 Ticket Pricing)

Above picture was taken just when the Haunted Mine just started - blurry pics? yeah.. gotta wear a 4D sunglass to view the movie properly. 

The movie was quite real (the 4D effect) just that I felt the ride was a bit of let down, I expected it to be scary but it wasn't.. so.. no nightmares at night =P (Good!).

Permaisuri didn't enjoy the ride at all - right after a scene where a snake loomed forward and tried to bite her.. =p 

Next up: Flying Coaster!!! My favourite ride at Genting Highlands!
(picture courtesy of

We didn't buy the Outdoor Theme Park pass/ wristband. 
So, the ticket cost us RM 12/pax for non-wristband purchaser. 
RM 10 per pax for those with the All Theme Park/ Outdoor/Indoor Theme Park wristbands holder.

Finally, I get to go on this ride with Missy Dragon! Muahahaha! It's her first time! Nervous!!
(His Highness didn't wanna go on this ride again after the last trip he went with me, so he's the photographer!) hehehehe..

I'm waving!! Hello!!! Can you see me??!!! 
We're ready to go! WOOHOOO!!!

Missy Dragon kept repeating OMG most of the time..and I? As usual, laughed my hearts out! It has always been a very good de-stressing ride for me! (better than Space shot & Corkscrew rides)

And the ride ends....
Lil Piggy         : Wanna go for seconds?
Missy Dragon : Don't Want!
Lil Piggy         : You'll enjoy it even better the second time! Cone on!Let's!!
Missy Dragon  : Don't want!!! I feel like vomitting out the lunch we had just now..if I go again, The vomit will splash on you!

Of course Permaisuri & Papi didn't go on the Flying Coaster ride.. So, took them to stroll at the little garden at the back of Theme Park Hotel to chill and enjoy the cooling air and pretty flowers. 
They loved it and I am glad we made this trip possible..felt blessed! ^_^

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