Sunday, November 29, 2009

AWOOoooo!!! New Moon!!


New Moon premiers in Malaysia on 25th Nov 2009, Wednesday and the nationwide screening was on 26th Nov 2009, Thursday.

Yet, I told myself.. be patient just for a few more days... My sweet sister was the one who queued up patiently amidst the looooong queues on 26th Nov to get us the tickets and better seats for Saturday's (27th Nov 2009) midnight show so that we would be able to watch together after her shift ends at work.

YES!! Got the ticket! Good seats too! Kudos to my sister!

The crowds waiting at the cineplex - not only are there teenagers or tweenagers.. those who are young at heart are there as well! =)

The wait's over, FINALLY, I get to watch NEW MOON!!

The first thing I realized was - the kissing scenes. In the book, the smell of Bella's blood is too yummy for Edward to resist. So.. yeah.. he practises his self control over her scent by not breathing. There's no show of affection by kisses at all..what more on french kisses...hmmppff... So, for the benefit of non-readers of New Moon book, the reason why Bella asked Edward to kiss her before she gets into her home after the paper cut incident at the Cullen's place was because Bella on the other hand yearned for Edward's proximity. She's human...and he's her boyfriend..of course she craves for affection..

Secondly, in the movie, Bella addresses Charlie as "Dad", not in the book though...Bella calls him Charlie.. she finds it awkward to call him dad so she calls him simply by his name, Charlie. Also, in the book Charlie is not so "positive" nor good at cracking little jokes as in the movie - but I guess the director wants to instil some good "parent-child" mannerisms to the movie goers, especially the tweenagers.

Next.. about Jacob and Bella's special friendship. The intensity of Jacob's feelings towards Bella can be felt strongly in the movie compared to the book. Ohh.. I must mention that at one part of the movie when Jacob took of his shirt to wipe of Bella's bleeding forehead after she fell from the bike.. his hot body took my breath away...................but I was feeling even more faintish with glee over his buff body after his transformation took place, his body looks even HOTTER! GAWD! If all guys have that type of body......ooppss..pardon me... back to New Moon.. =p

Above: A scene from the movie where Bella goes to the movies with Mike Newton and Jacob Black. This part is quite funny...Mike and Jacob BOTH let their hands rest on the armrest - hoping for Bella to choose and hold on to them...

Also the way she finds out about what Jacob has turned into is different. In the book, Bella figured out by herself that Jacob has turned into a wolf after putting pieces of information together but in the movie, she found out watching his trasformation "Live".

Harry Clearwater's fatal heart attack in the book, happened when he was in the woods but directors decided to add Victoria into the picture (sort of to merge a few chapters together into a continuous scene). In the movie, Victoria attacked Harry Clearwater before she got chased by the wolf pack. Harry passed away from the shock and heart attack after Victoria's assault.

After the casting of votes by the Cullen family (which supports Bella's decision to become one of them after her grduation day), Bella was happy with the support and the movie ended by Edward proposing for her to be his wife if she wish for him to "change" her himself. Now, let me share with those who haven't read teh book yet - the reason why Edward proposed to Bella is because he knows she is not so keen into the idea of marrying young (history of her parents whom married young and later separated). Edward knows by proposing, he hopes to buy some time to allow Bella to stay human as long as she could.

There are a few more scenes that the director cleverly merged together and to make New Moon's movie more interesting...So. I would recommend you to read the New Moon's book and to watch the movie as well! hahahaha!

One of the published trailer:

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Big Bad Book Sale!


I've never been to the previous Big Bad Wolf Book Sale before.. and I am EXCITED at the idea of CHEAP books...Between RM 3 - RM 10!!

Counting the days, my mind is set - after I got off from office, took the Kelana Jaya LRT from KLCC station to Taman Jaya station. From here, a mere 5 minutes walk and I've arrived at Amcorp Mall.

Never seen Amcorp Mall's car park this full before...

Upon arriving at the entrance of the sale...

Buy! Buy! Buy!!! First you select a few.. then add another.. then another! Some even used a box as a "shopping basket" (including yours truly) =p hehehehe

Look at all those books... This is so much better than any other book fair I've been!

There's also a section for Children books.

Not to forget books in Chinese...
By the way, notice the word "Chinese" and "Cashier" are so close by that it read "Chinese Cashier"? hehehehehe....I was too busy browsing and selecting books, I didn't notice till my friend pointed it out and made me and another guy standing nearby laughed...hahaha

The queue is long but the wait is not too bad...

Many "Chinese Cashiers".. are set up for customer's convenience =)

All these are in the range of RM8 - RM10 per book.
I went there to get 10 books but ended with.. 19 books... @_@

Anyway, I AM A HAPPY HAPPY BOOKPIGGY today!! ^_^

Venue: Level 3, Amcorp Mall (former cinema lot)
Date: 26th Nov - 2nd Dec 2009
Time: 10am - 9pm

Visit Big Bad Wolf Website for location map of the sale venue, Amcorp Mall.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Krabi - Elephant Ride @ Huay Tho Safari


After the short detour at Tiger cave temple..another 20 minutes ride away...we'll be reaching Huay Tho Elephant Safari. Elephant Trekking time! WOOHHOOO!!!
Guess what? We're the only Asian group.. the rest are all Europeans (all the way from Norway, Sweden etc) ! =p

The van that transported us to the elephant safari

Entrance to Huay Tho Elephant Safari

The sight of a mahoot (elephant caretaker) and his elephant greeted our arrival.

Bananas to feed the elephant after the ride.

Ascend and Descend the elephants on the platform

Elephant poo along the trek...hahaha..

The elephant we were riding keep flapping its big ears and smacking its tail on its back..Luckily didn't smack on my head.. =p

Track goes along the's really a cool feeling to be on the back of an elephant... it's like I am walking so high up, I can see the ground from a higher level (it's something big for a short person like me... =p)

Picking up food along the way...hehehe..greedy eh.. =p

Grabbed food and shove into mouth

Gimme more bananas!! First time, I see up close and personal, these elephants use their trunks to grab the bananas being fed to them .. SO FAST!!

After the ride, bottled mineral water and slices of pineapples were served. yeap.. it's all in the package =p

The guide took us to Huay Tho Waterfall after the Ellie ride

Nothing spectacular...

Yeah.. I think a visit here can be skipped.. if you wanna take up Elephant Trekking package.. you may wanna skip the visit to the waterfalls =)

Elephant Trekking + Huay Tho Waterfall Visit + Hotel Transfer = THB 900/pax
Visit Huay Tho Safari website or Contact Naris at for updated packages of elephant trekking. His English is by far the best compared to other guides.. =D

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Krabi - Tiger Cave


On the way to Elephant trekking ride, our guide stopped by Tiger Cave temple. Reason given was there's another batch of people still on the elephant ride so, we are free to roam around Tiger Cave temple for half an hour before we continue our journey to Huay Tho Elephant Safari. Lucky Lucky!! A tour to Tiger Cave temple usually are being charged but got it free this time!

I wonder why they call it Tiger Cave temple.. used to have tigers guarding the entrance to the temple? Cave looks like tiger? hmm... So.. I continued walking...

Upon entering the Tiger Cave temple area, I noticed monkeys are everywhere! (circled them in yellow). It's like visiting the Botanical gardens at Penang Island =p

131 steps up leading up to caves and Big Tree

86 steps down more leading to caves and big tree...

On the way to caves, noticed a few "houses" build among the limestone for monks to live in.
Gosh.. after walking up and down the legs were shivering uncontrollably...TIRED !!

One of the area monks pray.. there are a few more areas.. smaller caves that the monks prays and meditates.

Dead tortoise shells

Yes.. live tortoises are found roaming free among the area.. when they are dead.. their shells are collected and placed on display =p

Stalagmite...that looks like brain...except that it has glitters? =p

The Big Tree the signboard meant... hehehe...
Trunks are huge...but the tree itself is not that big... @_@

Wait.. where's the famous Tiger Cave? Not here? Higher ground? Ohh!! No thank you... I can't wait to get back to the van and head off to meet some elephants! =p Time to climb up and down the staircase again....Here we go...

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Krabi - Jalan Jalan Cari Makan


After checking into the hotel.. our stomachs asked the unanimous question : What's for lunch? Thai Food of course! Not sure where we're heading but after walking a short distance away from the hotel, we found Luna Beach Restaurant by the beach.

Entrance of restaurant

Seats overlooking Noparathara Beach

Relax with the coconut fellas..oopss.. I mean, with the coconut drink =p

All mine!

Green Curry Beef - too diluted... hmmm...but it tasted okay..

Tom Yam Krung - NOT SPICY ENOUGH!!! -_- WASSUP KRABI???COME ON KRABI!! I know you can do better!!

Took the public bus (I would call it - pick up truck) from Ao Nang to Krabi Town.
It was raining cats and dogs but thank goodness it stopped when we reached the town.
Head over to the night market - didn't get anything there...nothing catches my eyes.. Fruits, flowers, food being sold like how economy rice stalls operates in Malaysia..other than that, I can't find much stuffs. I think we went to the wrong night market..hahaha..

Found this shop at the side of the road and there were quite a number of locals enjoying the food here. Checked it out and it was beef/chicken noodle soup.
Ohh...Dinner FINALLY!!

Before and After mixing chilli paste into the bowl of noodles =p
The beef balls taste good! Htwo bowls.. one with rice vermicilli and another with glass noodle.
THB 30per bowl.

At first I was thinking.. why give me a glass of ice cubes? Just in case it gets to spicy for me? hmm... Then it dawned to's complimentary..there's a jug of water on the table, free flow of water...hehehe

Walked into Mc Donalds just to try out the Samurai Pork Burger =p
Erm.. I still prefer Beef Burger or Fish Fillet..

After McD, walked along the stretch of road looking for a good deal for a nice Thai massage.
Found one, PU BODY SCRUB & MASSAGE for THB 200 which includes head, neck, shoulder, back and leg massage. Normally, they charge THB 250 for back, shoulder & neck massage.

I've tried Balinese massage before (not originally in Bali but in Penang Island) and I find Thai massage is a little different. The strokes..and the way the masseur sits/kneel behind you and start stretching your body! She said, "Ok, relax.. relax" while saying this she swings your body a little and then suddenly *KRAAKK!!* That's my back "shouting"..Gosh! I was so afraid my body will break into a few parts! But it felt good after that.. hahaha

My leg massage, however.. made my leg muscle ache till the next few's like I've ran so many kilometers! And for the record.. my masseur is a lady... =D

Anyway, back to food news...the owner of the massage parlour, Pu is friendly and to my delight, she recommended to try out the Tom Yum at Fisherman Restaurant a few doors away from her shop.

Fisherman Restaurant interior - This restaurant is located at your left when you are heading towards Krabi Heritage Hotel's entrance.

Chilli padi with lime and soy sauce or was it fish sauce..

Cute presentation of rice served on plate

Masamman curry - I ead at some blogs.. this is a must try curry.. So, okay.. called this curry.. and when I tasted it...this is like my mom's home cooked curry.. just that she did it better?

Tom Yum Seafood- I have to agree that this Tom Yum is so much better.. I've told the waiter, I want it to be spicy.. Thus, you can see the chilli padi floating in the soup...hehehe
last.. my tastebuds are satisfied...

Went back to hotel but felt hungry after that, so walked out and found little stalls by the side of the road. This stall makes pancake..Ordered one with egg filling..

Was looking at how the pancake is being made..looks like our local Roti Canai!!

Yeah.. looks like a square roti canai...haha Roti Telur!

Only difference is that Sweet Conden Milk and sugar is spread on top of the pancake.

Another stall nearby... fried noodles, rice etc..


Fried Chicken with basil and chilli Rice - Nothing to shout about =p

Fried Pad Thai - I find this too sweet to my liking

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