Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bali - Garuda Wishnu Kencana Cultural Park


Reached Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) Cultural Park, Bukit Peninsular just in time for lunch.
We were advised by Bina that the entrance fee to GWK Cultural Park is at Rp50,000 per pax. But if we decide to have lunch at the restaurant nearby, we'll receive a complimentary entry pass. With that options.. I decided to go ahead with LUNCH + Complimentary Pass! =D

Spacious roads and there are "artsy" monuments here and there.

Jendela Bali Restaurant at GWK Cultural park.

Seating arrangments at Jendela Bali Restaurant.

The restaurant is overlooking part of Bali's view.

Restaurant table setting and menu.

Musician entertaining patrons.

Lobby area.

Fresh Orange Juice @ Rp 22,000 (excl taxes)
Black Iced Tea @ Rp 18,000 (excl. taxes)

Beehoon Soup @ Rp 38,000 (excl taxes)

Nasi Goreng Kampung @ Rp 38,000 (excl taxes)

Complimentary pass to GWK Cultural Park to be collected after meal =)

Let's GO!! Bina leading the way to the cultural park entrance =)

Tortoise square - I saw a few tortoise statues but no live tortoise in sight..hehehe..

The hiking begins....

And continues...

Finally the head of Lord Wisnu's statue is visible...NEARLY THERE!!! Few more steps!

Ahh... Finally *wipes sweaty forehead* reached Wishnu's Square where the upper body statue of Wisnu (23m tall) is placed!

There's a natural spring water hole here. s area is at the top of the hill. They were quite surprised to find a source of water way up here. It was said that the water source appears after Wisnu's statue was placed here.

Garuda Square houses the partially completed Garuda Bird Statue. The Garuda bird was a mythtical bird that's believed to be Lord Wishnu's mount.

Statue of Wishnu's Hands.

The completed statue would be looking like the above picture when all parts of the statues are joined together into one. It will stand up to 150m tall and the wing span would be about 64m across. It would be MASSIVE!!
Headed by Nyoman Nuarta, one of Indonesia's leading sculptors is still an ongoing project.

Bina said we were just in time to watch the video of the making of the GWK Cultural Park.

A video played to show visitors on the making of GWK Park.

Didn't have time to watch this show though... =p

If you have time to spare, don't miss to have your free caricature drawn by a local artist. I would have get mine drawn if the queue was not long =(

Free temporary tattoo drawing.

There's a free nail art painting too.. I opt for this as the other 'stations' have very long queues =(.

Hey!! There's free kecak dance here too!

More dance performances!! Should have checked out the timings before heading over.. @_@
Check the dances timetable here.

Managed to watch young Balinese dancers practising with the help from their coach.

Time for Ice Cream break!!!! hehehe
Next destination: Uluwatu!


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