Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fullhouse @ NZX (24Feb09)


This place is a pretty cool chillin’ place. Nice set up and cute, interesting decorations. Relaxed and quite a romantic ambience to it..Korean songs playing in the background..
I would say, feminine touches all over the place :)
Most of the displayed items are up for sale (of course not the furnitures).
There are sunglasses, T-shirts, earings, decorations..and more decorations items for sale.

It was a relief to find out that the food served here were on par with their set up and atmosphere.
So, no complaints on food. Although, the Capuccino Mushroom soup were a bit too milky to my liking. I guess the milky taste comes from the milk froth the chef adds on top of the soup before serving it - thus the name "Capucinno Mushroom Soup".
I've requested for my fries that supposed to accompany my "Breaded Chicken Chop" to be replaced with mashed potatoes. I'm glad I tasted just fine; a dash of salt & slight buttery smell. It also comes with black pepper snd raisins sauce - which I come across for the first time. I like their food presentation too.
Another photo shows the Grilled Lamb Chop :) Looks nice too huh? :)
I had Jasmine Honey iced tea which also have some jelly in them. Kinda fun drinking and munching on them..hehehe

No.. it’s not a proposal.. it’s suppose to be a tea ceremony..hahaha
It’s the day Sean became my little godbrother..hihi..He keep calling me cea-cea (elder sister) ever since I told him I'm older than him. So, I said he need to serve me a cuppa tea before he can continue calling me cea-cea. That cuppa tea turn out to be an empty cocktail glass taken from the table deco.. hahaha..

It would have been a more delightful dinner if the rest of our colleagues could join us. Pleasant & reasonable place to hang out ^0^

Fullhouse Lifestyle Store & Café
C-G-11 Block C,
No. 2, Jalan PJU 1A/41B,
Pusat Dagangan NZX,
Ara Jaya PJU 1A,
47301 Petaling Jaya.
Tel# : 03-7885 0836
Fax# : 03-7885 0839

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Man & Cat


I just got out from my shower and was just drying my hair when I heard a man’s voice. It was quite loud as I can hear it even my hair dryer is “screaming” away. I got a little shocked and quickly switched off the hair dryer then listen again. It sounded like the voice came right outside my room window! I kept my ears..

Then I heard it again, “Wooosshhh! Woooossssh!” and a cat replied “meoowww.. meooww”. Again, the man’s voice called out louder, “Hooosshh! HOOOOSSHHH!” and the cat meowed the same reply only that it sounded more “manja”.
By then, I realized the man’s voice came from downstairs and it belonged to my housemate! I can't help it, I started giggling then laughing alone!

It didn’t stop there, he was getting frustrated, so he started to shout louder, “ WWARGGHHH!!!! WAARRGGGHHH!!!” and the cat meowed again, refusing to leave! And I laughed harder (but still trying not to be too loud just in case my housemate heard me. He was trying to shoo the cat away because he wants to go to bed and the cat's calling is irritating him.


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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Grow A New Heart


*by MystiqueAsh*

When your heart is shattered to bits,
You try patching them up again,
Piece by piece you picked them up,
Like a jigsaw puzzle you tried to put them back together

The pieces are incomplete,
The pieces fit back correctly and stay in place,
The pieces are shattered even before it got back into its shape.

Grow a new heart,
If you keep picking up the shattered pieces,
Unconsciously, you continue breaking yourself.
Stay strong, be determined

Grow a new heart,
Which blossom fuller than the previous,
With showers of blessings and tender loving care,
It won’t break as easily as the patched one…

-CJ, thanks for the inspiration-

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Human Traffic Jam in LRT


Drivers in KL, you think you hated the traffic jam so much? Well, at least you are in the comfort of your own air-conditioned car.
Give thanks that you don’t have to crammed up with strangers, smelling all kinds of body odours and getting your body in contact with other people around. On top of that, you have to tolerate standing in an uncomfortable position all the way to your destination. When you finally reached your destination, you’ve got to “fight” your way out before the door closses but once you’re out of the train, you breathe better and feel less stressed! That’s how I felt..haha..

Not only KL road traffic is crazy during peak hours, LRT (not to forget KTM & Monorail) have crazy human traffic jam too!
Sometimes, I start to have crazy thoughts, worrying whether the LRT will be derailed and fall onto the roads below due to overloaded passengers. *Shivers*

To avoid these human traffic jam, I’ve got to wake up earlier and reach the Kelana Jaya LRT station before 7.15am. After 7.15am, the queue will be stretched out so long, it makes you feel like, "Oh well, lets get back to sleep and come back later". But of course I didn't :p

If I’m lucky, I’m still able to get a seat and have a more relaxed journey. But, when I’m not so lucky, with my height and size, I got squashed in between “giant’ human beings. @_@

A shout out to all perverts who doesn't know how to keep their hands to themselves, "Watch out! If you decided to pull your nonsense stuffs on wrong person such as your's truly in crowded LRT, You'll be SORRY!" Muahaha ^O^

However, LRT ride is not always a nightmare.. it's just during peak hours and unscheduled technical issues that occurs :P

For the benefit of those who never took LRT or busses in KL before, click here to go to Rapid KL's website to have a look at the LRT Route Map / Ticket Fares:)

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