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Bali - Food.. Food .. Food!


Another reason why I like travelling is to be able to try out the local cuisine =)
After a visit to Monkey Forest, walked to Jl. Hanoman to have lunch at Bebek Bengil. This restaurant were recommended by almost every friend of mine that has been to Bali before. Bebek Bengil is also mentioned in Frommer's Tour Guide.

Bebek Bengil, Ubud

Nasi Campur Bebek @ Rp 67,000 (excl taxes).
So many things to sample at one time! For someone like me who doesn't like duck, the crispy duck actually tasted delicious! A MUST TRY!

Fettucini Carbonara @ Rp 49,000 (excl taxes)I am not so sure what vegetable is accompanied with this dish but it is certainly not spinach =)

Was supposed to try out Teh Botol but they don't have it at Bebek Bengil, so I chose Fres Tea @ Rp 11,000 (excl taxes) instead.. It's like a combination of Teh O' + a bit of Jasmine Tea in bottle ;)

Entertainment music at Bebek Bengil =)

Some sections of the dining areas.

Paddy field surrounding the restaurant.

The ducks that later turn to Crispy duck! Nah.. Just kiddin!! =p
I captured this picture somewhere else..not at the restaurant vicinity.. hehehe..
Took a walk from Artini Ubud 3 Hotel and decided to try the food at Pundi Pundi Restaurant which was about 10 minutes walk away.

At the restaurant's entrance.

Table settings.

Fried Rice accompanied with beef satay, a piece of chicken drumstick prawn crackers & fried egg sunny side up @ Rp 35,000 (excl taxes).

Chicken Soto Soup with Rice. The soto actually comes with glass noodles (when I ordered, my intention is just to have the noodles, didn't know it came with a plate of rice). The portion of the noodles in the so was so little, I am thankful for the plate of rice.. :p

Chicken Soto Noodle Soup @ Rp 35,000 (excl taxes)

Arak Booster..yep tat's the name in the menu..Local liquor + Lime @ Rp 16,000 (excl taxes).
I think in Malaysia we would call this Bali Arak, "Tapai" - a type of rice wine. I'll stick to vodka lime..
I was told that a Bali trip will not be complete without a Babi Guling meal. So, I make it a point to visit Ibu Oka's Babi Guling stall before leaving Ubud town.
Let's go!

Babi being "guling-ed" to be served... hehehe

Shoes and Slippers Garage sale! LOL!

Those sitting outside don't have to donate their shoes / slippers to the garage sale =p

The reason why you gotta take your shoes off - Japanese style dine in =p

Not bad...computerized cashier system for a warung ;)

Babi Guling Pisah @ Rp 40,000 - Assortment of pork with spicy gravy.

Had it with rice.. of course... =)

A MUST HAVE ! to accompany wth rice and pork =)

Sup Babi - I like the soup! Had two bowls! Comes with diced pork, potatoes carrots.

After having Teh Botol @ Rp 5,000, I think I prefer FresTea.
After Babi Guling, I asked Bina, our tour guide where else can we have finger licking good meal in Bali. He suggested for Ayam Betutu - chicken cooked with herbs & spices.

Err.. I didn't really felt welcome when I saw this ..but I walked in to the restaurant anyway..LOL!

Nothing fancy, normal "kopitiam" style...but if the food tasted good, nothing else matters!! ^_^

Fresh onions with chilli.

Salted fried groundnuts.

This is not "kangkung"...neither it is a "paku-pakis"..But taste like both of it's cross..
1/2 Ayam Betutu Gilimanuk @ Rp 30,000. MUST TRY!!! Really finger licking GOOD!!!!!!

A quarter of Fried Ayam Betutu @ RP 19,000..tasted good as well but Istill prefers the Ayam Betutu Gilimanuk.

The aftermath...

The aftermath Take 2... YUMMHHH!!

Visit them at: 
Jl Merdeka No.5, Denpasar,Bali
Tel#: (0361) 263 644
After a satisfying meal of Ayam Betutu, it's now time to get on the way to check in to the hotel at Legian. Not until Bina asked whether we're up for a last meal : The famous Mak Beng Sambal Fish. Okie.. so we already had Pork, now it's time for fish.. WHY NOT?

Reached Mak Beng's warung approx 30mins after departing from Ayam Betutu's warung.

The shop/warung is quite small, was luky to get a table as soon as we reached.

Photos of local celebrities that have visited the warung.

Mak Beng's warung only sells one type of dish - as pictured above.
One set which includes a plate of rice, fish soup and fish with sambal will cost you: Rp 28,000 nett.

I am not a fish eater.. But believe me.. I didn't shun away from this piece of fish (which I usually do) after taking the first bite..LOL
Fish is fresh, and it tasted really good with the sambal and lime juice!

The fish soup is not stinky at all..^_^.

Visit them at :
JL. Hang Tuah, No.45 Sanur,  Denpasar, Bali.
Tel#: (0361) 282 633
YUMMY Food Hunt & Quest ended after these places.. The rest of the placed I had lunch /dinner was just edible..enough to fill up my stomach but didn't quite enjoy the food...
Headed over to Jimbaran for dinner after the Kecak Fire Dance at Uluwatu Temple.
From his experience, Bina, our tour guide said he had received feedback from Malaysian holidaymakers that whatever they had in Jimbaran is nothing special. So he warned us not to put a high expectation.
There are MANY restaurants at Jimbaran beach - spoilt for choices. We went to Fortuin Cafe.
You may want to try the restaurants whichi ither left of right of this cafe as they provide entertainment where a group of sigers with guitars to sing at your table ;) Fortuin Cafe don't have that service.. *winkz*
To order, you need to make your way to the "selection" area where the fishes, crabs, shells, squids and etc are placed. You choose what you want, and it will be weigh, you decide how much you want to have and how do you want your seafood to be cooked.

While we wait for our food..Corn soup were served..

Types of sauces to dip your seafood in.
They even gave French Fries as starters! Whaat???

Again..This is not kangkung! =) It is that "Kangkung + Paku-pakis" kinda vege...

Free flow of steam rice.

Clams in spicy sauce @ Rp 32,500.

Grilled Red Snapper @ Rp 121,500.Yes, it's fresh.. no smelly melly fishy smell ;)

Sweet & Sour Crab @ RP 81,000 - ALL FOR ME!!!
Total Bill: Rp 270, 250 (incl 15% taxes)
In my opinion, Legian is not a place with food that makes your mouth water.
Simple food to fill up your stomach? Yes..there are many cafes & restaurants..

Bianco Restaurant (day view)

Entrance of the restaurant (night view)

Entertainment - song requests are welcomed.

The bar counter

Seating area

Fish Curry @ Rp 45,000 ..I can't rememeber was it Javanese style or Balinese style =p
But I don't reccommend this - Skip! Skip!

Nasi Campur that comes with fried noodles??
Didn't quite like the fish curry (the one served in a little bowl) but the rest is ok - Bebek Bengil's Nasi Campur is more awesome!

At Bali, water tasted somewhat salty..even bootled drinking water has a salty taste to it which I can never get used to the whole duration of my stay there.

Ice Blended Peach Tea for a change to wash away the little saltiness of bottled water.
Wayan & Friends Bar & Restaurant is located at Padma Street and since it was packed with people during breakfast time, decided to have a go for lunch..But, I was DISAPPOINTED!

Quiet - A more popular choice during breakfast compared to lunch time..

The cafe is a stone throw away from Casa Padma Suites

Table Setting
Menu of the day..

Rp 30,000 - Tom Yam that I regretted ordering - doesn't taste like tomyam at all.
Beef Curry with Rice
Location Map


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