Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Water Dragon Chinese New Year


This year is the Water Dragon Chinese New Year and celebrated on 23rd & 24th of January 2012. (Last year was the Metal Rabbit's year
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As usual, my Chinese New Year was celebrated at Penang Island. *awww....Home Sweet Home*

Heavy traffic on the Penang Bridge.

This year, I've gotta drive back to Penang from Selangor and brave the HEAVY traffic on the North-South Highway. Usually, I'll just book a flight and FLY home.. (thanks to the QUEEN's order: DRIVE BACK THE CAR!!!!! I don't dare to ignite a cold war to spoil Chinese New Year eh..)

Sad to say.. the Chinese New Year excitement and joy when I was a kid has long been extinguished. When I was younger, I used to get so hype up about buying new clothes for the new year, counting my shillings - getting ready to gamble with my cousins, uncles & aunties (it's once a year we are allowed to do this ok.. for sure excited!), thinking about which type of fireworks / sparklers to buy and of course, the anticipation of how many ang pows (red packet with $$$) will I receive! 

Pop Pop! All time favourite for young kids (and once upon a time ago.. I was one of them)

Sparklers...or I call them "Ann Hui" (hokkien style) Another all time favourite..

Now that I'm in my adulthood, I look forward to the well deserved HOLIDAY, away from work stress and sleeping in a bit later than usual, having yummy food and enjoying the company of my family members andif time permits, I'll try to meet and catch up with a couple of good friends. 

What do I do during Chinese New Year this year? Well, basically, eat, enjoy, sleep late and eat! LOL.. I don't even bother snapping lots of pictures..hahahaha.. But here's a few :

Home cooked food during reunion dinner on 22nd January - Chefs are my aunties and my mom.

Fireworks as the clock strikes 12.00am, 23rd January 2012

Pretty lights decorates my granma's place during Chinese New Year makes it so much more "HAPPENING". 

The mini casino has started its operation! =p

Each year when my cousins, siblings and I sit down and gamble, we always reminisce those days when our favourite uncle was still with us in this world, how he would laugh his contagious funny & sly laugh each time he wins our bet money and how he always have loose change in a small bag of his, telling us "It's okay if you don't have anymore shillings, get some note from your parents and I'll change it for you!"..LOL..hmmm..It has never been the same without him around... the mood during gambling session is more sombre nowadays..He'll be always in our hearts..

Lion dance at one of my dad's cousin's place.

YEE SANG Before & After ^_^

Had this dish during one of our family dinner on the second day of Chinese New Year. Tossing of the salmon, shredded vege and crackers while shouting out for GOOD LUCK, PROSPERITY, and everything nice!! hehehehe =D

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Yee Sang Recipe

Nasi tomato!! YUMM YUMMMHHH!!!
A very welcoming meal after having an overdose of chinese food =p 

When you're having a good fun, time flies so quickly, It's time to pack and get myself back to reality to work and earn $$$$.. I had a good break from work and it was awesome hanging out with people I cherish the most. Till the next Chinese New Year, my wish is that it would be another great year ahead!

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Penang - Kek Lok Si Temple


Next destination... Kek Lok Si Temple (some called it the Temple of Supreme Bliss).  Constructed in between 1893 - 1905, I look forward to meet the tortoises! Meeting the tortoises was my highlight when I visited Kek Lok Si Temple during my childhood time.

Previously the statue of Guan Yin was in plaster white. It got damaged sometime in the mid of 1990s.
The new 30.2m tall Guan Yin statue was made in bronze and completed & opened to public in year 2002.  

The Guan Yin Pavillion...

Later, the temple management decided to modify / beautify the Guan Yin statue and also to shield it from the rain and shine. Thus the building of a "decorative shelter" was done in between 2005 - 2009. The granite pillars itself have intricate designs that I find so impressive!

Works here is still in progress.. not sure when will it be completed.

Nearby, there's a "Wishing Ribbon" area for you to make your wishes at RM1.00 each :p

Wishes made were then hung up on the bamboo pole and waiting to be fulfilled :)

The Stubborn COW, the Cheeky MONKEY and the Playful PIGGIES cam-whoring around the vicinity!

Inclined elevator!??? 

This is new to me! Long Long Long time ago when I visited, there's no such thing! You gotta walk all the way! :p

It cost RM 4.00 (return fare) for an adult to take a ride on this elevator which connects the Guan Yin Pavillion and the middle hall of the Kek Lok Si temple.

View from inside the lift, descending from Guan Yin Pavillion to the middle hall of Kek Lok Si Temple.

Watch a video of the ascending of lift here.

The walkway in between the souvenir shop & temple

One of the prayer hall 

Bonsai tree found nearby the prayer hall

The Pagoda of Rama VI/ Pagoda of 10,000 Buddhas.

Googled a photo for Night scenery of Kek Lok Si & Guan Yin Status :p

>> More fun facts on Kek Lok Si Temple

Ohh.. you would be wondering where are the tortoises photos since I am so excited to visit them. Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to descend to where they were because none of my "tourist" wanted to go..The guide must stay put with the tourist, No? :p

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Penang Hill


I stayed in Penang ever since I was 4 months old and how many times have I been to Penang Hill? Twice...?? So today, trying to be a good tour guide to "His Highness" and his entourage (including the ever Cheeky Stubborn Cow), we made our way to Air Itam.

The controversial multi-storey carpark at the foot of Penang Hill that is still not open to the public..So, yeah.. still gotta park along the limited car park along the road or around the housing area.
(Read story here.)

Initially I got a shock looking at the ticket price on display : RM 30 per adult! 
BUT, if you're a Malaysian with MyKad, then breathe a sigh of relief, the ticket is priced at RM 8 per adult. (I think they should charge RM 2 - RM 4 per pax to encourage more locals to visit ^_^).

Items on display

A photo captured on 1924 - - I think those who has acrophobia / fear of heights wouldn't dare to sit in this coach.

The old coach on display at the top of Penang Hill

Photo of the Penang Hill coach in 1906

This looks less scary compared to the earlier days..

The latest coach with aircond!
Let's go coach -a-riding!

The 2011 new coach is much more comfortable even compared to the 1977-2010's coach.. (I remembered I felt a bit claustrophobic).

The view of the railway from inside the coach

For some reasons, I got a little crush on these flowers (but it doesn't overtake my favourite number one - TULIPS!)

Coin operated binoculars  

The view of Tanjung Tokong area (if not mistaken) from the top of Penang Hill
Sky Terrace restaurant..hmm.. one day must find some time to hang out here :p

Fancy to capture a photo with an albino pyhton? 
Really?? With the snake kept inside a box, no one even bother coming close to take a look @_@

Yeah I still remember the post office building.. same old ..same old.. 

Police station building remains the same too..

Penang Bellevue Hotel

They don't seem to have a website. But if you need to make any enquiry, you may reach them at :
Telephone# : +604 829 9500
Email          :

Segway ride at Bellevue Hotel, Penang Hill

Did  I tried it out? Nope :P I would if the price is less pricey. If I remember correctly it was RM 10 / RM 20 for 10 minutes.
I was told by my fellow piggy mate that the boss of Segway died riding one of these! The story here.

Buggy Ride at RM 30 for 15-20 minutes. Worth it if you have a group of people who doesn't enjoy walking :p Just kiddin'!!! 

The road taken for a short sight seeing

A post stand dated year 1818 with Queen Victoria's initial : VR

One of the bungalows along the small little road

Just fooling around with the canon! :p 
(But secretly, I was really imagining myself being blasted to space! Too much cartoon? Perhaps.. :p)

2,750 feet above sea level, the cool air still can be felt, though not as cooling as many many years back...

Just FYI :In Bahasa Malaysia, Penang Hill is not known as Bukit Pulau Pinang (as per direct translation). Instead it's known as Bukit Bendera.

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Penang - Golden View Service Apartment


If you're looking for a decent service apartment nearby Gurney Drive/ Tanjung Tokong / Tanjung Bungah, I would suggest Golden View Service Apartment.

They offer a few types of rooms/apartment - Superior room, Studio room (with kitchenette), 2 bedrooms & 3 bedrooms apartment.

Below are some pictures for a 3-Bedroom apartment which we got at RM 325 nett/night.

The living room and kitchen area

Bathroom at Masterbedroom

Common / Shared Bathroom

Just make a mental note if you ever decided to pop by the Nasi Kandar shop next to Golden View >> DON'T. For Penang standard > it sucks big time! :p

2, Jalan Pantai Molek,
10470 Tanjung Tokong, 
Penang , Malaysia.
Tel :+ 60 (4) 899 1177
Fax :+ 60 (4) 899 3377
Email :

Note: If you prefer to stay somewhere closer to the Penang International Airport / Bayan Baru area, go for B Suite Hotel.

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