Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Days at Lion City


First Day @ Lion City / 25.07.09, Sat

Raffles City/ Orchard Road/ Bugis/ Clark Quay/ Chinatown

Took the LRT from Kelana Jaya to KL Sentral to catch the 6.30am Skybus (RM9/per way). But the driver said the bus only leaves at 6.45pm so we took the Aerobus (RM8/per way) which leaves at 6.35am and I was praying that this bus will take us to LCCT in ONE piece! Thank God it did! Pheeww..

Check in at Tiger Airways counter and had a bowl of Koay Teow soup (with loads of MSG) breakfast at the Taste of Asia café. Wanted to have breakfast at OldTown Kopitiam but it was full.. not going back to Taste of Asia café!!

Tiger Airways serves alcohol in-flight! hehehe

Touched down at Singapore’s Budget Terminal and was waiting in line to clear immigration when I decided to snap a photo of the crowd of people waiting in line. *Flashlight* Suddenly, a man’s voice called out “ Ma’am! Ma’am! Excuse me Ma’am!” Only I realized he was addressing me. I looked up to where the voice came from and it was one of the airport security guy. He asked me to delete the photo I just took. OOHh Darn It!! I apologized and deleted off the photo immediately. Just arrived in Singapore and I nearly got myself into trouble..

After clearing immigration, went over to where the shuttle bus awaits to bring passengers over to Singapore’s Changi Airport Terminal 2.

Shuttle Bus from Budget Terminal to Changi Airport T2

Managed to board the shuttle on time and met an airport staff who were kind enough to show us the way all the way to the Changi MRT station before she carry on with her journey to Terminal 3 to report to work. So sweet of her.

I’ve got my EzLink SMRT card with me (on loan from Darling Keropi) so I just need to top up the card and I’m on my way to my next stop : Outram Park MRT. Less than half an hour, reached my destination and was trying to make my way to Hotel Re! @ Pearl Hill only to go over the wrong way (went towards Chinatown!!, looked at the map and realized we're heading the WRONG WAY!! Made a u-turn to go back to the MRT station and found the hotel’s road sign...Duuhhh....

Alight at Tanah Merah Station to change train to Outram park Station

The interior of the SMRT is so much wider and longer compared to KL's Putra LRT

We were early, it was only 12.30pm but the hotel allowed us to have an early check in. Thank goodness ^_^ Check in was smooth and yeap, I got the PINK room! ^_^

Loccitane Toiletries..

Put my stuffs in the room and am off again to next stop: Raffles City Shopping mall. Stopped at City Hall MRT station and Raffles City Mall is just an escalator away! So convenient! Went hunting for lunch – MOS Burger!!

Entrance to MOS Burger Raffles City Mall

Scallop Rice Burger

Yakinuku Beef Rice Burger

After that went to Orchard Road not to shop, but to just look around..hahaha..Walked down the road while enjoying a SGD 1 ice cream!hehehe

Next destination was Church of Our Lady of Lourdes which was a few minutes walk away from Bugis MRT station. A small church but pleasant looking. The church still uses hymn books for congregation to sing along the hymns.

After church, had dinner at the nearby hawker centre just opposite the church grounds before making our way to Clark Quay.

Clark Quay is quite a cool place to be! I was excited when I saw the the G-Max Reverse Bungy & GX-5 Xtreme Swing! But I just had a heavy dinner and it won’t be a good idea to be on those rides unless I wanna start throwing up all over during or after the ride ..hahahaha…

Next, went to Chinatown and did a little shopping before heading back to the hotel after a long sweaty day.

Second Day @ Lion City / 26.07.09, Sun

Sentosa Island & National Stadium

Woke up and it’s MEET THE DOLPHINS DAY!! So so so excited!

Taking a friend’s advise, I wore my swimsuit beneath my dress and took change of clothes in my backpack just in case I got wet from my dolphin encounter ^_^

Reached Harbour Front MRT station and went all the way up to Vivo City’s Level 3 to get the entrance pass to Sentosa Island. Was told by the ticketing officer that we’ll be able to get the Dolphin Lagoon & Underwater World ticket on the island itself. Had a quick breakfast at the food court next to the ticketing counter before alighting the Sentosa monorail (SGD 3).

Sentosa Island Shuttle Bus

From Beach Station, took the free ride on Yellow Line Shuttle Bus towards Dolphin Lagoon. Click to read: My 1st Dolphin Encounter

After Dolphin Lagoon, we made our way to Underwater World by taking athe Red Line Shuttle bus. Some exhibits, I’ve seen before but I was more awed by the Sea Angel.. it looks so delicate.. so fragile..yet pretty!

I find this pretty cool! They managed to get the real embryo to exhibit!


After that, made our way to Imbiah Station to take a walk at Imbiah Lookout before heading back to the hotel to change and freshen up for our next destination : Singapore National Stadium!

Time to watch the Reds LIVE! Changed into a red T-Shirt and all set to go! Click to read: My 1st Live Football Match

Third Day @ Lion City / 27.07.09, Mon

Time to Say GOODBYE..

Supposed to take a walk at Pearl Hill Park this morning but opt to stay in bed instead till it’s time to check out. It was raining today so we decided to take the cab to Outram MRT station instead of walking over. The cab ride cost us SGD 5.70 but it’s alright last day of trip and we’re tired and definitely not in favour to get drenched before reaching the airport. Traced our way back to Changi MRT station and waited for the Budget Terminal shuttle bus to arrive. Had McDonalds Spicy Chic McDeluxe set meal at the budget terminal. SGD 5 incl taxes for a lunch promo meal. In Malaysia, RM 5.95 / RM 7.95 ++.. Dollar to dollar wise, Singapore is much cheaper!

Conclusion for my Singapore trip : SATISFACTORY on public transport and tourist friendly locations ^_^

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Monday, July 27, 2009

My 1st LIVE Football Match


Am not a fanatic football fan but I do watch football matches on TV once a while.
But watching it LIVE was a different experience!

Which team was I watching?

Profitable Group
was the team involved bringing Liverpool FC to Singapore.

Tickets were priced as below:

Grandstand Lower : S$ 88 (Free Seating)
VIP Area : S$ 88
KOP (East Stand) : S$ 88 (Free Seating)
Grandstand Red : S$ 188

Grandstand Balcony : Price upon request

Singapore National Stadium Seating Plan & Ticket Prices

Front portion of ticket

Back portion of ticket

27th July 2009, 5.00pm - Took the MRT to Kallang station and followed the rest of the REDS fan on foot. I don’t own a Liverpool jersey, so I just wore my red t-shirt…you know..to blend in the crowd…hehehe

Reached National Stadium of Singapore in about 20-30 minutes time (on the way bought 3 huge curry puffs sold by the side of the road for SGD 5).
I can hear the fans cheering even though I was like 3-4 km away!

It was RED everywhere!!
Was about to cross the road to the stadium when police bikes stopped the traffice including pedestrians to make way for the 2 bus loads of Liverpool players and coaches!! I looked up trying to see any face I recognize but the bus was too fast! Nevermind..will meet them at the field..

The KOP Scarf - given to "KOP East Stand" ticket holders

Saw the queue to the East Stand was SUPER LONG! Thank goodness my ticket was for the Lower Grandstand and there was barely a queue. The security officers don’t allow us to bring in food & drinks bought elsewhere from the stadium itself so I was chomping on my curry puff in front of the entrance and I hid my mineral water bottle right at the bottom of my backpack hoping they won’t have the time to ask me to empty out my bag for inspection. Indeed, when I went through the entrance to the Lower Grandstand, I was asked to open up my backpack for inspection and thank goodness the security didn’t ask me to empty my back pack!! I get to keep my water!! Yaayy!!

View from where I sat : The KOP East Wing

6.00pm : Seats are mostly taken up. But we managed to get seats not too far up behind. The sound of cheering, horns and whistle blasting with the DJ playing upbeat songs filled the stadium. It’s hot and humid, everyone is sweating… Of course, the male species outnumbered the female and there’s many different body odor mixed up in the air as well. Hahaha…

What I enjoyed the most? The Mexican Wave!! It was really cool to have one end of the stadium to start it off, and as the wave come near to our end, we start stomping our feet and when it’s our turn to continue the wave, we stood up and put our hands high up, I was giggling! Fun! Fun! Fun!

Singapore & Liverpool team before the match begins

Before the start of the match, Liverpool's Song, You'll Never Walk Alone was being sung.
First half of the match started out pretty boring..

Singapore wore red jerseys so Liverpool wore Black jersey for this match.
Line up of Liverpool players for the first half: Cavalieri, Degen, Carragher, Agger, San Jose, Babel, Mascherano, Lucas, Benayoun, Voronin, Ngog. Singapore did a good defending job in the first half.

Later, fans were chanting “ We want Torres! We want Torres!” But no appearance made by him yet. When the referree announced 1 minute to half time, the game starts to pick up and FINALLY, Liverpool score their first goal by Voronin!!

Second half, was superb..The match picking up momentum..(about time...)
Torres finally get into the field to play with a loud cheer from everyone. He and Kuyt replaced Benayoun and Ngog respectively.
Soon, Riera and Nemeth scored a goal each. By then, fans started to cheer “Xabi Alonso! Xabi Alonso!!” and he finally made his appearance in the late 70++ minutes to replace Agger. After a short while, Torres scored a goal mush to the delight to all fans. Nemeth scored (again) for Liverpool’s fifth and last goal for the night.
Substitutes for second half were: Johnson, Plessis, Torres, Riera, Pacheco, Dossena, Gulacsi, Insua, Alonso, Kelly, Arbeloa, Kuyt, Reina, Spearing, Nemeth.

Final Score

I like the song : My Liverpool which were played after the match. Cheeky and catchy..hahaha

Part of the lyrics:

" My Liverpool, the Kop will always rule
We’ll show the world how football’s played

My Liverpool, the Kop will always rule
Come and join us
We’re gonna take the cup away"

Liverpool team walked around the field after the match to thank their fans

I have a new found interest: Krisztian Nemeth!!
Club: Liverpool
Position: Striker
Squad No: 29
Date of Birth: 05 Jan, 1989
Born: Gyor,Hungary
Height: 179 cm

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My 1st Dolphin Encounter


26.07.09, Sunday

Sentosa Island - Dolphin Lagoon

Managed to get the front seats and while waiting, heard the announcement “If you would like to take home a photo snapped with the dolphin, kindly proceed to the gift & souvenir shop to purchase the voucher at SGD15” Without thinking much, I was on my feet with the Singapore dollar notes clutched between my fingers to get my voucher!

Seated on the chair, at the center stage, I could see some guests had the last few moments with the dolphin (I think they bought a package that allows you to get into the water to interact and play with the dolphins) before the show starts at 11am. I was ITCHING to go for that package but I told myself, save it for Gold Coast bottle nose dolphin!!

View from where I sat to watch the show

Tents and chairs for spectators to sit and enjoy the show

Distracted myself by having an ice cream before the show begins.

And the show begins by the commentator announcing the appearance of SPLASH the youngest dolphin there. He showed us how fast he could swim and the way he communicates (cute whistle like sound)

He jumped over a loop and did a few more tricks like using his tail to “kick” a football and collecting the ball back to pass it to the trainer.. So cute!!! After that he waves goodbye with his tail and two female dolphins, HAN & YANG made entrance to the main pool. They showed the crowd some swimming styles and I clapped so hard! Hehehe..

The commentator then asks the crowd for volunteers, and my right hand shot up automatically (usually I am not a keen volunteer..shy =p) But, I was ready to face my crowd phobia for the sake of any chances to get closer to the dolphins!! I was waving my hands high up in the air but the commentator wasn’t looking at me and she chose her first volunteer from far left side (I was sitting in the middle!!) then I was praying, please please please PICK ME!!! (still hands high up and waving) Then she called out” the lady in pink, come on over!” I was OVERJOYED!!!! Took of my shoes in split seconds and I was next to her! My heart was pounding but thank God my feet wasn’t shaky (as it normally would when I’m on stage).

She asked me to introduced myself and so I spoke to the microphone my name and I’m a delegate from Kuala Lumpur (suppose to promote Penang.. aiyahh… but I was overexcited+nervous.)She handed a hula hoop to me and I went.. Ohhh Oooooo…When was the last time I hula hooped? She handed another hoop to another volunteer from India. She counted 1,2 3.. and we start hula hopping..Of course the dolphins were hula hooping too, but I didn’t watch them as I was trying to concentrate to keep the hoop moving around my waist! Hahaha

After the hula hooping, we were allowed to stroke the dolphin!!! I was trying not to faint with delight at the sound of it! My hands were sanitized with a pinkish liquid and the trainer said “take your time and just stroke her gently” I can’t describe how I was feeling at that time.. it’s like I was too happy till I think my soul left my body for a while!! I was restraining myself from getting down and HUG the dolphin TIGHT! Hehehe..A cameraman asked me to look into the camera and have a shot of photo taken of me and the dolphin. Then the trainer passed me two small fishes to feed the dolphin. Gosh.. SO SURREAL!!!

When I returned to my seat..I was OVERJOYED!!!

After the show ended, waited for my turn for the photo session. They allow max 2 person for each photo so, I get to capture the beautiful memory with my boyfriend, Cheeky Monkey ^0^

I thank God over and over again for giving me this experience.

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Singapore for the FIRST time!


Yes, I haven’t been to Singapore! Serious!!!

I mean, I’ve been on transit at Singapore Changi Airport before catching the Singapore Airlines flight to Sydney previously (No, wasn’t for a holiday, it’s for work purposes) but I haven’t been roaming on the streets of the Lion City.

I'm actually a Blue fan - Chelsea...But guess what?

Am heading down south to watch the Reds - Liverpool instead! LOL! They are on tour for a friendly match with Singapore’s team...hehehe...The match is on 27.07.09, Sunday so will be flying there by Tiger Airways on 26.07.09 to have some time walking around the malls and streets of Singapore.

I made 3 changes to my choice of accommodation for this trip.

First, I chose Peninsular Excelsior Hotel @ Coleman Street (nearby to City Hall MRT) for SGD120.

Then upon a friend’s reccomendation, changed to Keong Saik Hotel @ Keong Saik road (nearby Outram Park MRT) for SGD 110nett.

Later, I received a promotional email from Re! Hotel @ Pearl Hill (nearby Outram Park MRT) for SGD 108 nett. The hotel was decorated in Retro Style and I find it quite a change from a normal hotel so I made the reservation right away!

Rough Idea what I planned to do in Singapore..

To EAT List

  • MOS Scallops Rice Burger @ MOS Burger Outlet (Probably visit Raffles City Shopping Mall
  • Singapore Laksa
  • Singapore Hokkien Mee

To DO List

  • Visit and attend Sunset mass @ Church of Our Lady of Lourdes
  • Visit Chinatown
  • A little shopping maybe? Their SALES period : 22May09 - 26Jul09
  • Off to SENTOSA ISLAND hoping to be closer to the Pink Dolphins! (Trip to OZ to be with Bottlenose Dolphins will be next on my list)
  • Watch Liverpool vs Singapore’s National Team

I'll update more after the trip ..... ARRGGHHH!!! SO EXCITED!!! ^0^

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Cherish and Appreciate


*by MystiqueAsh*

Learn to appreciate those who love and care for you
It will be too late
When they leave
Intentionally or unintentionally
And all that will be left
Are sweet or bitter memories

Disappointment and regrets
Are feelings you don’t want to dwell in
Cherish those closes to you at heart
Cherish every moment spent
Cherish every word spoken
Cherish the love they have for you

Count your blessings
Be contented
Be thankful
Have faith
Be at peace in your heart and mind
Have good fun
Be joyful!

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Religions Are Sensitive Issues


I received an email today highlighting about a Muslim journalist and a friend who went to two churches in KL and writing an article, published in Al Islam magazine on their May 2009 issue .Following the article, a police report was made by two Catholic men, one of them I knew well as we went to the same church.

Reading the article “"Tinjauan Al Islam Dalam Gereja: Mencari Kesahihan Remaja Murtad" makes me go.. GOSH!! Like that also they can think of!

If Catholics gets lotsa cash by bringing the Muslim to be converted, I think I would be rich by now.. hahaha..

It’s not wrong to visit and join the congregation at church for mass/services. Even if it’s for journalism purposes, they don’t have to be following EVERY SINGLE thing the Catholics does at church..I have Buddhist friends who join me for Sunday mass before and I didn’t tell them “If we kneel, you must kneel, If we bow, you must bow’. No such thing! They are allowed to just sit and be as stiff as a rock if they want to..There’s no law saying a non-Catholic or Christian individual MUST do what we do in church..

If I were the journalist, when the rest of the congregation starts to walk up to the priest or communion minister to receive Holy Communion, I would be curios, yes, but I would rather OBSERVE around and realized that not EVERYONE went up to receive Holy Communion and by then I would just remain in my seat and watch the process taking place. Beside, I’m sure there would be a short announcement from the commentator that “ The Holy Communion is a sacred practice, ONLY BAPTIZED and PRACTICING Catholics are welcome to receive Holy Communion”. So I guess they must be deaf too..

Visitors are allowed to visit churches but of course, one must have respect to a place of worship & holiness. For example, if I go to a Chinese or Indian temple or even a mosque and they require me to remove my shoes before I enter and musn’t talk loudly, then I do it with respect. Same goes to churches!

Don’t make such a big HOOHAA if there’s no strong facts, my dear journalist. Don’t tarnish the image of your people and let us live in peace and respect for each other’s religions (faith) , traditions & cultures (race / ethnic).

Read the article “"Tinjauan Al Islam Dalam Gereja: Mencari Kesahihan Remaja Murtad"

Click the below link:

Page 1

Page 2

Police report

More write ups :
1) TheNutGraph - Catholic Lodge report Against Al Islam

2) TheNutGraph - The Furore over Al Islam

Muslim Spy in Catholic Churches

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Became My Own Chef


Eating out is always the easy way out. Just order and food will be served and all I gotta do is pay for it.Yet, sometimes I just felt sick eating out and at times, I went blank, thinking and thinking what should I eat this time? Which.. later I end up eating the same thing over and over again..Like what? Pork Noodle Soup? Maggi Mee? hehehe

Sometimes, I miss my mom's home cooked food too.. I'm not a good cook as she is.
But it's a change to whip up something by myself and enjoy the simple meal after the preparation and the cooking process.

Meal preparation gets sweeter when I've got help, even a teeny weeny one such as helping out to wash the vegetables or cleaning up after cooking.

The following photos are some of what I've experimented on :
Pan Mee

Vietnamese Spring Roll - I know they don;t put mushrooms but I want mushrooms =p
I watched on You Tube - How to roll the spring rolls was confident I could do it, but the end result was a disaster.. LOLZ..

Tomyam Beehoon with Towfoo, Straw Mushroom and Vege

Linguine with Minced Beef, Red Capsicum, Tomatoes, Brocollis & Eggplant

Spaghetti with Meatball & Oyster Mushroom
Penne with button Mushrooms & Sprinkle of Cheese!

Stir-fried Chinese Cabbage + Red Capsicum with Flat Noodle

Jumbo sausage & Omellette with Chilli & Thousand Island Sauce

Chicken Nuggets and Scrambled Eggs

Clockwise from top right:

1) Omelette with parmesan cheese & "chang" as garnishing

2) French Beans & Carrot

3) Black Pepper Beef

Potato Salad - My all time favorite

Stir Fry Cabbage with Red Capsicum and Chicken

Japanese Potato Glass Noodle in Salted Vege Towfoo Soup

Clockwise from top:
1) White Rice & Fried Egg
2) Stir Fry Vege
3) Red Beans
4) Salted Chicken (bought from Pasar Malam...=p)

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