Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blue Lagoon Beach, Port Dickson


Suddenly, I missed walking by the beach..
Although I have the sound of the waves / seashore stored in my phone (one of the ways to lull myself to sleep - by listening to these sounds > sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't), I still have the urge to feel the sand on my bare feet and the waves come splashing on my legs while I walk..

I was all smiles when the weekend arrived!
(If I am at Penang Island, I don't have to wait till the weekend, I'll just drive over to the beach as soon as I get off from work! Pfftt!)
Currently residing at Petaling Jaya, Selangor, the nearest beach I could think of was at Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan.

I've been to Port Dickson (or in short, PD) TWICE but surprisingly, I didn't visit the beaches there before! (too busy reliving childhood games on both trips with my pals!)

Decided to drop by at Blue Lagoon Beach, approximately 15km after PD town and another short drive after Telok Kemang beach.

It was still sunny when I arrived at the entrance of Blue Lagoon Beach.

As soon as I get off from the car, dark clouds hovered above, a sign of a heavy downpour.
As I took just a few more steps towards the beach and the rain starts to pour.....


Instead of driving away, took shelter at the lil' food court overlooking the Blue Lagoon Beach...this building looks quite new...


while waiting, ordered Tom Yum Beehoon soup from one of the Malay stall.

Picture looks so unappetizing eh? :P Captured this photo after two mouthfuls of beehoon! Hahaha.. Actually it didn't taste great, edible, but no WOW! factor..
Good enough while taking shelter :p

Thank God the downpour stopped right after I finished eating! ^_^
And YAAYY!! the sun has not yet set! Time to take a walk!

The smell of the sea breeze still had a whiff of the rain..but it's all good.. I am smiling ^_^

People are starting to get their rented canoes out again..

and going on a Banana Boat ride....

The shore of the Blue Lagoon Beach - I don't see why they call it Blue Lagoon - didn't really look blue to me.. Maybe because it just rained? Or probably it look blue in the morning?Hmmm..

Anyway, after this walk, it only "cured" my "homesickness of strolling by the beach" just a little.
I am determined to go for another!! The planning begins!!! ^_^

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