Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Super Star Libra (16-17 Apr '11)


Spent my last weekend on board Super Star Libra with a bunch of "I-Think-I-Am-God-of-Gambler" fellas..hahaha..Yeap! there's a casino on board!

Registration and check in was between 6.00pm - 8.00pm.
After a merry go round search for a spot to park our cars, finally walked and reached Swettenhem Pier around 7.15pm.

For RM 140 per pax (Twin / triple Sharing basis), you'll get to spend the night in a room called "Inside Stateroom" at Deck 2 / 3 of the ship.

*Apologies for the poor photos quality*

Entrance of Swettenham Pier

The Ship! The Ship!
My first time ever to go onboard a ship as huge as this!

When I saw the lifeboats perched on the ship, it reminds me of the movie scene in TITANIC - (not the drawing of the nude picture~~~) but the scene where everyone is screaming and trying to get into the lifeboat.

Upon registration, this card was given to passengers.
It basically acts as your identity card on board, room key card, "credit" card on board (amount to be paid off upon check out).
Original Identity Card / Passport will be kept by Star Cruises upon check in and only to be collected upon checking out.

This is where you go through and have your IC / Passport collected by Star Cruises.
*This fella saw I was taking a picture of this area and he actually posed! GAWD!!*

The entrance into the ship can be seen just below the logo of Star Cruises.

Inside Stateroom @ Deck 3 - Yeah, the TV has a few satellite channels :)

Inside Stateroom @ Deck 3 - Toilet & Shower area - it's smaller than First World Hotel at Genting Highlands..

Inside Stateroom @ Deck 3 - Sink area

Inside Stateroom @ Deck 3 - Wardrobe

Inside Stateroom @ Deck 3 - Bunk Beds

First up - Dinner at Mariners Buffet at Deck 8.
All vege & Tofu for a start..after that, I got lazy to take pictures of the noodle soup and other stuffs.. =P Was the food nice? Edible..but nothing WOW! =)


Swimming Pool

One of the casino's entrance - Star Club Casino at Deck 5
It's only open around 9.00pm - that's when you know you are on International waters area..way way out in the open sea..and all the gamblers start to forget who they are.. LOL..

Did I gamble? Well..I wanted to.. but I didn't have a "confident aura" that night, so I just stood and watched while I collect my Star Cruises points on my Star Cruise Card =p

If you already have a Genting Worldcard (green and above) with a photo on the card, you should be able to use it to collect points - save time to queue up and apply for the Star Cruises Card (I missed a Burlesque show at Stardust Lounge because I was queuing up to make my Star Cruise card!).

I only stayed at the casino for an hour or so and I left my friends and head up to Boomers, a small discotheque at Deck 8. I was planning to redeem a coupon of a free drink given to me earlier. But I got there a tad too early at 11.50pm - happy hour will only start at 12am - 2am, so I walked back to my room and get ready for bed.

After my shower, I was glad I could finally rest on the bed. But it was only for a short time coz my friends came knocking on my door to ask me to get out of the room and talk a walk upstairs! They said they lost some of their moolah at the casino, so they need fresh air..

Took a walk on the top deck of the ship and came across this bunch of people..
Usually, I met girls with their pants so low, it shows off their butt cracks..but this guy..is the first I seen showing off! LOL!

After Deck 8, went to Deck 5, Galaxy of The Stars where they were screening "The Karate Kid". yaay! Midnight show at the "cinema". By the time the show ended, it was nearly 3am..NOW I am "released" to go back to my room and SLEEP!!!

Next morning, had breakfast at Ocean Palace Restaurant - Deck 4


They also have my all time favourite - KOKO KRUNCH cereals! =)

Before leaving the ship, we headed over to Stardust Lounge to collect our Identity Card. Although there were many people, Star Cruise team worked with efficiency and everything was smooth.

Out Out You Go!!!!
Everyone seems to be low spirited.. must be all moolah "donated" to the casino :p

Would I make a second visit? Well..if I can get a better room with a cheaper rate..MAYBE..I would consider =P But I seriously think this whole ship needs a MAJOR REFURBISHMENT!

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