Friday, May 28, 2010

Bali - Club Aqua Seawalker @ Puri Santrian Resort


Time to go SEAWALKING!! I've been on snorkelling trips before but seawalking would be a different experience as I would get to actually walk on the seabed while trying to play with the fishes =p

Booked Club Aqua Seawalker package with at USD 67 per pax.
Package includes:

  • Return hotel transfer
  • Seawalking Equipments
  • Lunch
  • A bottle of Mineral Water
  • Locker & Shower room
  • Towel

Driver picked us up at our hotel at Legian around 9.30am. The sky looks a bit gloomy though.. hmmm...Hopefully it will turn sunny again by the time we reach the Seawalker venue.

When we reached Sanur's Puri Santrian Beach Resort, I thought we were picking up more participants but the Club Aqua staff was already welcoming us and helping us down from the van we were on..Oooppss..I didn't know the diving base was at a hotel?

Puri Santrian Resort's Lounge area.

Puri Santrian Resort Reception area.

Missed out on the Cub Aqua's usherer and you're lost?
No worries.. just follow the sign stones.. erm.. I mean sign boards.. =p

Swimming Pool..

I like the landsacping and the way the resort is decorated...

Lotsa green....

I especially love the lazy bed and couch!!

Can you see the floating sun deck area? Pretty cool isn't it? =)

Place to wash your sandy feet after a walk at the beach.. Simple but creative..

Don't take our pictures.. Shy Shy!!! =p

A mermaid guardian =p

Okie.. back to Seawalker... =p

Seawalker base - Registration point

After signing a waiver of liability form (a.k.a death letter so that we don't put the blame on Seawalker crew should any mishap happen to participant), a video on safety measures and sign language to be used during the dive were shown to participants.

After locking up my stuffs in the locker room, we boarded a boat and sped off about 15 minutes away from the shoreline to a platform in the middle of the sea.

As soon as we're on the platform, the instructors helped to remind us on the few hand sign language used when we're underwater. Next, time to put on the space-like helmet and climb down the staircase to reach the seabed.

The seawalker helmet was placed on me as I get into the water.. We were accompanied by "dive masters".. well.. if I call them seawalker masters.. it doesn't sound right..right? =p

The helmet kept our head dry and provides oxygen while we seawalked.

Thank goodness for the "handcuff look-a-like" bar.. the under current was a little strong, still able to get me drifted a little while walking..

We were given a bottle of fish food pellets to feed the fishes.
Yeah.. I know..can't see the feeding't get a good shot =(

It was really a cool experience to be around the fishes when they swarmed around like this to get a bite of the pellets!

I was disappointed when the dive masters signalled for us to start climbing up the ladder to surface =(

After the dive, back to base to wash up and you'll be ushered to a table with a laptop to select photos / video taken during the dive..

Price List:

  • 1 Photo @ USD 11
  • 1 Video @ USD 18
  • 3 Photos @ USD 29
  • 1 Photo & 1 Video @ USD26
EXPANSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!! @_@
After a quick shower and change of clothes, it's time to fill up my stomach! I'm starving!!

We were ushered to the Seawalker waiting area cum cafe for lunch.

Lunch - Fettucini Carbonara - very milky and creamy..

Lunch - Shanty's Hamburger
I've got no idea why it was given that name..except that probably it's named after the cook's name?

It's kinda thick.. had a challenging but fun time, biting on this one... =p

Stomach filled, time to get back to the hotel and think what's for dinner =D


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