Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bali - Private Car & Tour Guide


Friends who have visited Bali before had reccomended the good service of Mr. Bina, a tour driver in Bali. Thus, I do not have any doubt when I decided to engage his services during my first visit in Bali.

He was punctual on appointments, speaks good English and he's a pleasant, kind and patient guy with a good sense of humour at times =)

With Bina's suggestion, (on top of the places that we wished to visit), he advised a tour itinerary for us that ranges from Rp 200,000 - Rp 500,000 per car, depending on the places to visit & hours required for the tour. His car is able to fit up to 7 pax at one time, and should you have a tour group that is in larger number and you require a mini bus, don't fret, I am sure he would be able to accomodate to your request =D

I would definately engage him again when I visit Bali in future! =D

Thumbs up for Bina!!! Thank you so much for the Bali Hospitality!! =D

Contact him at binawilothama99@hotmail.com to request for customized tour price quotations at least a month before your Bali trip!

Click here to visit Bina's blog for more information or view options to customize your tours in Bali!! ^_^


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