Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bali - Bakso at Kuta Beach


We could actually walk over to Kuta beach from Legian beach. It's like a long stretch of Gurney Drive, Penang. I was told that the sand in Kuta beach is whiter than Legian beach but from my looks the same... =p

Welcome to Kuta Beach!

The statues always look angry and fierce...maybe it's their belief to ward of evil spirits?

Kuta beach waves.

Number of stalls at Kuta beach surpasess Legian beach.

Found a Bakso stall..Javanese style..What's the difference?

Let's take a seat..hehehe..

Bakso's flavour enhancement..Tomato ketchup/ Chilli sauce/ Vinegar/ Soya sauce/ Vinegared Chilli.

Ahhh.. the difference between the stall at Legian and here at Kuta was just the additional huge ball - a whole piece of boiled egg.

By now, you would be wondering why I didn't take more photos on the beach but only food.. Well.. I did take a few shots, but the best picture was the one I posted earlier.. the rest.. BLUR...and yes.. I'll get a proper camera in future... =p

Tired of walking? Hail a metered Toyota Vios cab in Bali, constant supply along the road =D

Click for Kuta Map.


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