Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lil' Piggy Fell RAW!


Most of the time, I would only realised I have knocked into something after noticing a bruise on my leg or hand (hot spots).

Clumsy Lil Piggy - That's me.. Let me tell you what happened earlier today..

I have just undressed myself and getting ready to take my shower…

As I enter the happened too fast I can’t grasp on anything to keep my balance..

One second, I was standing upright, putting one foot and the other stepping onto the bathroom floor..the next second I was on the floor!

GAWD!!! The noise when I fell sounds like a SLAB OF RAW MEAT (pork, in this case) being thrown onto the wet floor!


My whole left side of my body was in pain!

I can only thank heavens that I didn't knock my head on the toilet bowl and passed out! ( I imagined being found nude by my housemate - sooooo not funny!)

There were tears in my eyes but I was giggling to myself at the same time as I raise myself up and check for bruises.

If my housemate (residing in the bedroom next to mine) asked me what had happened at that time, I think I will start laughing out loud! Luckily she didn’t say a word (probably thinking I dropped all the bottles of shampoo and shower cream by accident).

I kinda guess the reason why I got into this situation :-

I was always thinking in my mind – No.. I don't wanna fall in the bathroom..please don't fall..please don't fall..

And YEAH… That was what just happened to me a while ago!!!

Some of the bruises on my left leg..didn't capture those on my thigh, arm and buttock.. hee hee!

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Counting Down to 2011 !


Year 2010, is the year of stress and depression for me. Despite the short breaks, holiday or vacation taken, it was just a temporary relief. Therefore, I was really looking forward for 2011 - to start FRESH.

To usher in year 2011, Hard Rock Cafe Penang was chosen to be the countdown venue instead of my usual venue: at home or my rented room.
Also for the first time, I get to celebrate it with my GodPa, all the way from Switzerland! Simply AWESOME! And guess what? Even my GranMa came along with her bling bling blouse !!! =p

We arrived Hard Rock Cafe Penang by 7.45pm and were greeted by the cheerful staffs. There are already quite a number of guests in the cafe enjoying their dinner. My own stomach was already "singing" as we were shown to our table.

Pre-Purchased voucher @ RM 150 to gain entry to Hard Rock Cafe New Year Eve's Dinner.

Option given to choose the 4-course Set Dinner priced at RM158++ OR from their A-La-Carte menu. We've decided to just go with the set dinner.

Side Order: Wine for the rest of us & a complimentary mocktail "Sunset Boulevard" made by one of a cool bartender for my sis.

Dining & counting down with the Beatles! =p

Dinner was served after a reasonable waiting period of 10-15 minutes.

Starter: Avocado & Grilled Cajun Prawn Salad with Ginger & Coriander Dressing.
I didn't gave much expectation on this dish but surprisingly, this is delicious. The prawn was grilled to perfection. moisture retained, graet bite and taste, complimented with a good aroma!

Soup - Clear Chicken Broth with Chicken & Prawn Dumpling.
It didn't taste bad but it could have been better and best served hot instead of lukewarm.
The soup was served with just one dumpling - nothing much to boast about.

Main Course 1: Grilled Fillet Mignon served with Garlic Mashed Potato & Vegetables Sticks topped with Red Wine Sauce.
I have requested for my steak to be done in medium rare and I was satisfied when it was served just the way I like it ^_^ Juicy & Tender! Good job chef!

Main Course 2: Grilled Double Chicken Breast with Chasseur Sauce served with Assorted Spring Gargen Vegetables.
Well cooked chicken breast and the sauce was yummy! Presentation was pretty cute - heart shaped chicken breast ;)

Dessert: Crepe Suzette with Caramelised Apple & Vanilla Ice Cream.
I would have enjoyed it more if the crepe were served hot and half crunchy.
Anyway, the vanila ice cream and caramel apple made up for the disappointing crepe.

This band RAWKZ!!! Wasn't paying attention - didn't get the name of the band =p
The female singer has a powerful voice and I LOVE her dance moves!

In fact the male singers have really good voice and they sing really well too!
But all eyes are always on the female singer.. Including yours truly! =p

The countdown party has begun!!
GodPa and my Aunt are posing with their party masks and hats ^_^

Yours truly would like to pose with the party essentials as well =p

Cute whistles to make some noise!! =p

At the strike of midnight, all these baloons were released.. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011!!!!
Its been an awesome night, celebrated with my family members.. a great start and simply a sweet & pleasant memory to be cherished! I can't help but feel that 2011 would simply be an AWESOME GREAT YEAR AHEAD!! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! =D

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