Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bali - Kecak Fire Dance @ Uluwatu


After a short walk from Uluwatu Temple and passing by the monkeys territory, we reached the Kecak Fire Dance stage or theater.

The dance begins at 6.30pm daily, so we got to make sure we reach at least 15 minutes earlier to purchase our tickets and find a seat (it's free seating at the theater).

Entrance Fee to the Kecak Fire Dance @ Rp 70,000 nett per pax.

The acts of the Kecak Dance are printed in a few different languages such as English, French, Japanese and Chinese for the audience to understand the dance acts better.

Yeah.. the dance has a story to tell...
In brief, Prince Rama and his wife, Sita, along with Prince Rama;s brother, Laksamana were exiled by their father to a Dandaka forest. Rahwana, a demon king saw them and he wished to kidnap the beautiful Sita. Rahwana transformed his prime minister, Marica into a golden deer. Sita saw the deer and asked her husband to capture it for her. While Rama and Laksamana were away from Sita, Rahwana successfully kidnapped Sita by using his magic powers. After discovering the deception, Rama managed to rescue his wife from the evil Rahwana with the help of a White Monkey.

Before the dance begin...lead priest said prayers and blessed the dance "stage".

The dance begin by the men chanting " Cak Cak Cak Cak".

It is as if they are "praising" the fire in the middle..

Soon...Rama, Sita and Laksamana entered the scene.

The dance had some comedy scene in between as well. The highlights of the dance was when the character of the White Monkey kicked the hay lighted up in fire.

Watch a video of the dance uploaded in YouTube by other visitors - Click here.


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