Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bali - A Stroll at Legian Beach


Legian is a beachfront town located north of Kuta and a little less busy.
Getting around Legian was easy even on foot. Besides hotels, there are cafes, restaurants, pubs, souvenir and convenience shops, spa center and tour operators booth scattered along the road.

Padma Street.
From Casa Padma Hotel, we followed the traffic flow and walked on straight ahead, reaching Padma Resort Bali on our left and soon we come accross the road that will lead us to Legian Beach.

Legian Beach at sunset.

Legian beach during the afternoon.

AJ Hackett bungy jumping site could be seen from Legian Beach.

Seashells on sale by the beach.

Pick a seat..have a drink..bask in the sun =)

Bakso stall...should I stop and have a try? Yes? No? Yes? YES!

Pak, one bowl for me! (Yes, he can speak English)

If you're walking on the main road and not on the beach, lookout for this Itallian Cafe along Legian Beach. The Bakso stall is on the beach, just opposite this cafe.

The most important ingredient - Vinegared chilli!! I can pass on the chilli sauce.. but not the vinegared chilli =p

Glass noddles in Bakso accompanied with beef balls, fried beancurd, and some other seasoning which I am not so sure about.. probably some keropok / crackers of a sort..hahaha

Enjoying a bowl of Bakso while watching the waves or surfers.

Continued walking up north, finally reached AJ Hackett Bali located within the grounds of Double Six Club.

Can't wait to get in to watch ! =p

Registration counter.

Participant need to ride a lift to reach the top.

Going higher and higher.. that's when the participant would feel the wind blowing quite strongly and the nervous feeling starts kicking in. How do I know? Well, a jumper told me her experience..hehehhe

See that light up there? That's where the participant would stand and perform the jump.

And there he goes!!! Wheeeeee!!!!!!

After the jump, try to reach for the pole and the staff would assist to pull you to safety and to solid ground again =)
After watching a few people bungy jump...made me wanna go and try as excuses?
The AJ Hackett Bungy Jump price @ USD 99 per jump didn't really made me said "LET'S GO!" rightaway and of course.. my stomach was full from Bakso.. =p
The first few days, we took a stroll by foot. Towards the end of our stay, we decided to rent a bicycle to get around town.
Can't rent a motorcycle? Don't fret, rent a bicycle @ Rp 25,000 per bike/ full day.
It was quite an experince riding a bicycle on the busy roads of Legian and Kuta!

Click for Map of Legian.


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