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The Twilight Saga


I wasn’t so excited when my sis and friends told me that I should watch the movie Twilight. It was screened on the cinema so many months back and I only watched it on 20.06.09, Sat. It was a slow start and then when they finally became an item, I was hooked.

By the time the movie ended, I was looking forward to watch the sequel to the movie! An interesting romance story - between a vampire guy and a human girl. Most of the girls (my sister included) were crazy about the vampire, Edward Cullen (Rob Pattinson). I was more inclined to the way Edward Cullen protect Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart), the way he was attracted and fascinated about her.

Later in the afternoon, I happened to walk into a bookstore - saw the Twilight Saga books.. I was ecstatic!! I didn’t even stop to think twice about getting the books.

And so my journey begins… ^_^

21.06.09, Sun
Twilight – 434 pages

This book tells of how Bella & Edward met in Forks high school and introduction to both sides of their family members. How Bella confronted Edward about his vampire identity was different from the movie. It also tells us of Carlisle (father to Edward), how he turned to a vampire.

The Cullen family (Carlisle, Esme, Edward, Rosalie, Emmet, Alice & Jasper) are “vegetarian” vampires as they don’t hunt humans for their blood but they hunt animals instead. The story intensified when another group of vampires (non-vegetarian) came to Forks and bump into the Cullen family while Bella was with them at a baseball game. From there, Bella became the target of James (one of the new-comer vampire). He got even more excited when his “prey” was being protected by the Cullen family.

The run, hunt, tracking begins and Bella got tricked to come to James by heself. Edward appeared just as James sunk his teeth on Bella’s hand followed by the rest of the Cullens family. While the others destroy James, Edward saved Bella by sucking out the vampire venom from her.

I am pleased that the book met my expectation as in it answered the questions I had after I watched the movie the day before.

23.06.09, Tue
New Moon – 563 pages

Story starts with Bella celebrating her 18th birthday with the Cullens but all went havoc when she cut her finger with the wrapping paper, while opening up her presents. Bella was nearly bitten by Jasper and this brought Edward to leave her at Forks thinking she’ll be better off without Bella risking her life being around a household full of vampires.

It was a rather sad start and I was practically affected by Bella’s emotional breakdown. Then the story went on to how Bella gets closer to Jacob Black, her best friend who later turns out to be a werewolf. They do lotsa activities together and Bella was excited in trying out all sorts of challenging activities and one of them includes cliff jumping. That activity lead to misunderstandings and Edward thought Bella was dead.

Edward took off to Italy to “commit suicide” by triggering the peace & quiet of the royal vampire family, the Volturi. Bella went to Italy with Alice to look for Edward and stop him from getting himself killed. They succeeded but were held captive by the Volturri after that. The Volturi leader, Aro agreed to let Bella walk away alive after he was convinced by Alice that Bella would soon be one of them (No human are supposed to know of their existence)

Then it’s peace & quiet again…

25.06.09, Thu
Eclipse – 629 pages

Edward and his whole family moved back to Forks and he went back to school with Bella. They were a happy couple again. Here, it was also told how Jacob openly told Bella that he’s in love with her. Edward & Jacob were in a feud over Bella…but Bella stick to Edward.

Also tells of Bella accepting Edward’s suggestion to only turn into a vampire only if she agrees to marry him (which she was not so keen due to her mom’s reprimand- not to get married right after high school)

Another chapter tells of the vampires (The Cullen family) and werewolves (Leader: Sam Uley, Jacob Black and pack) get together to form a treaty to protect Bella from a new threat – newborn vampires made by Victoria (James mate). Victoria wanted to revenge for the death of James but instead of killing Edward, she felt it would be fair to kill Edward’s mate – Bella. Of course, the Cullens and the werewolves party won the battle ^_^

29.06.09, Mon
Breaking Dawn – 756 pages

I couldn’t agree more with the rest of my Twilight Saga lovin’ friends that this is by far the best among the saga books.
This book tells of the engagement, wedding & honeymoon of Edward and Bella, the suffering of her pregnancy and her birth to their half vampire half human daughter, Reneesme. Bella became a newborn vampire after her daughter’s birth.

In between these, Jacob Black are injected into the chapters and has his own story where he broke off from his wolf pack by going against Seth the leader, just because he wants to keep Bella alive after Sam decided to attack the Cullens and kill Bella’s baby before it was born. This is because they were afraid if it will be worst than a vampire.

Eventually Jacob fell in love at first sight when he saw Reneesme after she was born! ^_^

Highlight of the book came when the Volturi decides to go to Forks, with their whole family and army from Italy to kill Reneesme after a tip off that Edward and Bella has created a vampire child (creating here means that they have bitten a human child and turn her into a vampire)

In fact, Reneesme was half vampure and half human, conceived and born when Bella is still human. It all ended well, Bella found a new found super power of her own and the Cullens are unharmed. Edward, Bella & Reneesme are a HAPPY FAMILY!

The sequel of Twilight movie, New Moon will be released on 20-Nov-09.

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pau.squared said...

I totally agree that the last book was the best book of the sequel. However, Twilight will not be as huge as the Harry Potter series.

But I'm looking forward to the New Moon movie though. I so love Jacob! :)

Mystique Castalia said...

Yeap! Harry Potter will still be the first on my Favorite List :)

Let's return to Hogswart on 16th July!! ^_^

Whoa, Jacob's body is UMMPHH UMMPHH!!!!!! HOT HOT HOT!

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