Monday, July 27, 2009

My 1st Dolphin Encounter


26.07.09, Sunday

Sentosa Island - Dolphin Lagoon

Managed to get the front seats and while waiting, heard the announcement “If you would like to take home a photo snapped with the dolphin, kindly proceed to the gift & souvenir shop to purchase the voucher at SGD15” Without thinking much, I was on my feet with the Singapore dollar notes clutched between my fingers to get my voucher!

Seated on the chair, at the center stage, I could see some guests had the last few moments with the dolphin (I think they bought a package that allows you to get into the water to interact and play with the dolphins) before the show starts at 11am. I was ITCHING to go for that package but I told myself, save it for Gold Coast bottle nose dolphin!!

View from where I sat to watch the show

Tents and chairs for spectators to sit and enjoy the show

Distracted myself by having an ice cream before the show begins.

And the show begins by the commentator announcing the appearance of SPLASH the youngest dolphin there. He showed us how fast he could swim and the way he communicates (cute whistle like sound)

He jumped over a loop and did a few more tricks like using his tail to “kick” a football and collecting the ball back to pass it to the trainer.. So cute!!! After that he waves goodbye with his tail and two female dolphins, HAN & YANG made entrance to the main pool. They showed the crowd some swimming styles and I clapped so hard! Hehehe..

The commentator then asks the crowd for volunteers, and my right hand shot up automatically (usually I am not a keen volunteer..shy =p) But, I was ready to face my crowd phobia for the sake of any chances to get closer to the dolphins!! I was waving my hands high up in the air but the commentator wasn’t looking at me and she chose her first volunteer from far left side (I was sitting in the middle!!) then I was praying, please please please PICK ME!!! (still hands high up and waving) Then she called out” the lady in pink, come on over!” I was OVERJOYED!!!! Took of my shoes in split seconds and I was next to her! My heart was pounding but thank God my feet wasn’t shaky (as it normally would when I’m on stage).

She asked me to introduced myself and so I spoke to the microphone my name and I’m a delegate from Kuala Lumpur (suppose to promote Penang.. aiyahh… but I was overexcited+nervous.)She handed a hula hoop to me and I went.. Ohhh Oooooo…When was the last time I hula hooped? She handed another hoop to another volunteer from India. She counted 1,2 3.. and we start hula hopping..Of course the dolphins were hula hooping too, but I didn’t watch them as I was trying to concentrate to keep the hoop moving around my waist! Hahaha

After the hula hooping, we were allowed to stroke the dolphin!!! I was trying not to faint with delight at the sound of it! My hands were sanitized with a pinkish liquid and the trainer said “take your time and just stroke her gently” I can’t describe how I was feeling at that time.. it’s like I was too happy till I think my soul left my body for a while!! I was restraining myself from getting down and HUG the dolphin TIGHT! Hehehe..A cameraman asked me to look into the camera and have a shot of photo taken of me and the dolphin. Then the trainer passed me two small fishes to feed the dolphin. Gosh.. SO SURREAL!!!

When I returned to my seat..I was OVERJOYED!!!

After the show ended, waited for my turn for the photo session. They allow max 2 person for each photo so, I get to capture the beautiful memory with my boyfriend, Cheeky Monkey ^0^

I thank God over and over again for giving me this experience.


Dolphin Watching Oman said...

One of my favorite things is watching Dolphins. Here in Muscat we some times pods with hundreds; mainly Spinner & Common Dolphins – a real enjoyable sight

Mystique Castalia said...

Hey Dolphin Watching Oman,
You're one lucky fella to be surrounded by hundreds of them!!
Thanks for dropping by here! ^_^

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