Monday, July 27, 2009

My 1st LIVE Football Match


Am not a fanatic football fan but I do watch football matches on TV once a while.
But watching it LIVE was a different experience!

Which team was I watching?

Profitable Group
was the team involved bringing Liverpool FC to Singapore.

Tickets were priced as below:

Grandstand Lower : S$ 88 (Free Seating)
VIP Area : S$ 88
KOP (East Stand) : S$ 88 (Free Seating)
Grandstand Red : S$ 188

Grandstand Balcony : Price upon request

Singapore National Stadium Seating Plan & Ticket Prices

Front portion of ticket

Back portion of ticket

27th July 2009, 5.00pm - Took the MRT to Kallang station and followed the rest of the REDS fan on foot. I don’t own a Liverpool jersey, so I just wore my red t-shirt…you blend in the crowd…hehehe

Reached National Stadium of Singapore in about 20-30 minutes time (on the way bought 3 huge curry puffs sold by the side of the road for SGD 5).
I can hear the fans cheering even though I was like 3-4 km away!

It was RED everywhere!!
Was about to cross the road to the stadium when police bikes stopped the traffice including pedestrians to make way for the 2 bus loads of Liverpool players and coaches!! I looked up trying to see any face I recognize but the bus was too fast! Nevermind..will meet them at the field..

The KOP Scarf - given to "KOP East Stand" ticket holders

Saw the queue to the East Stand was SUPER LONG! Thank goodness my ticket was for the Lower Grandstand and there was barely a queue. The security officers don’t allow us to bring in food & drinks bought elsewhere from the stadium itself so I was chomping on my curry puff in front of the entrance and I hid my mineral water bottle right at the bottom of my backpack hoping they won’t have the time to ask me to empty out my bag for inspection. Indeed, when I went through the entrance to the Lower Grandstand, I was asked to open up my backpack for inspection and thank goodness the security didn’t ask me to empty my back pack!! I get to keep my water!! Yaayy!!

View from where I sat : The KOP East Wing

6.00pm : Seats are mostly taken up. But we managed to get seats not too far up behind. The sound of cheering, horns and whistle blasting with the DJ playing upbeat songs filled the stadium. It’s hot and humid, everyone is sweating… Of course, the male species outnumbered the female and there’s many different body odor mixed up in the air as well. Hahaha…

What I enjoyed the most? The Mexican Wave!! It was really cool to have one end of the stadium to start it off, and as the wave come near to our end, we start stomping our feet and when it’s our turn to continue the wave, we stood up and put our hands high up, I was giggling! Fun! Fun! Fun!

Singapore & Liverpool team before the match begins

Before the start of the match, Liverpool's Song, You'll Never Walk Alone was being sung.
First half of the match started out pretty boring..

Singapore wore red jerseys so Liverpool wore Black jersey for this match.
Line up of Liverpool players for the first half: Cavalieri, Degen, Carragher, Agger, San Jose, Babel, Mascherano, Lucas, Benayoun, Voronin, Ngog. Singapore did a good defending job in the first half.

Later, fans were chanting “ We want Torres! We want Torres!” But no appearance made by him yet. When the referree announced 1 minute to half time, the game starts to pick up and FINALLY, Liverpool score their first goal by Voronin!!

Second half, was superb..The match picking up momentum..(about time...)
Torres finally get into the field to play with a loud cheer from everyone. He and Kuyt replaced Benayoun and Ngog respectively.
Soon, Riera and Nemeth scored a goal each. By then, fans started to cheer “Xabi Alonso! Xabi Alonso!!” and he finally made his appearance in the late 70++ minutes to replace Agger. After a short while, Torres scored a goal mush to the delight to all fans. Nemeth scored (again) for Liverpool’s fifth and last goal for the night.
Substitutes for second half were: Johnson, Plessis, Torres, Riera, Pacheco, Dossena, Gulacsi, Insua, Alonso, Kelly, Arbeloa, Kuyt, Reina, Spearing, Nemeth.

Final Score

I like the song : My Liverpool which were played after the match. Cheeky and catchy..hahaha

Part of the lyrics:

" My Liverpool, the Kop will always rule
We’ll show the world how football’s played

My Liverpool, the Kop will always rule
Come and join us
We’re gonna take the cup away"

Liverpool team walked around the field after the match to thank their fans

I have a new found interest: Krisztian Nemeth!!
Club: Liverpool
Position: Striker
Squad No: 29
Date of Birth: 05 Jan, 1989
Born: Gyor,Hungary
Height: 179 cm


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