Monday, July 20, 2009

Singapore for the FIRST time!


Yes, I haven’t been to Singapore! Serious!!!

I mean, I’ve been on transit at Singapore Changi Airport before catching the Singapore Airlines flight to Sydney previously (No, wasn’t for a holiday, it’s for work purposes) but I haven’t been roaming on the streets of the Lion City.

I'm actually a Blue fan - Chelsea...But guess what?

Am heading down south to watch the Reds - Liverpool instead! LOL! They are on tour for a friendly match with Singapore’s team...hehehe...The match is on 27.07.09, Sunday so will be flying there by Tiger Airways on 26.07.09 to have some time walking around the malls and streets of Singapore.

I made 3 changes to my choice of accommodation for this trip.

First, I chose Peninsular Excelsior Hotel @ Coleman Street (nearby to City Hall MRT) for SGD120.

Then upon a friend’s reccomendation, changed to Keong Saik Hotel @ Keong Saik road (nearby Outram Park MRT) for SGD 110nett.

Later, I received a promotional email from Re! Hotel @ Pearl Hill (nearby Outram Park MRT) for SGD 108 nett. The hotel was decorated in Retro Style and I find it quite a change from a normal hotel so I made the reservation right away!

Rough Idea what I planned to do in Singapore..

To EAT List

  • MOS Scallops Rice Burger @ MOS Burger Outlet (Probably visit Raffles City Shopping Mall
  • Singapore Laksa
  • Singapore Hokkien Mee

To DO List

  • Visit and attend Sunset mass @ Church of Our Lady of Lourdes
  • Visit Chinatown
  • A little shopping maybe? Their SALES period : 22May09 - 26Jul09
  • Off to SENTOSA ISLAND hoping to be closer to the Pink Dolphins! (Trip to OZ to be with Bottlenose Dolphins will be next on my list)
  • Watch Liverpool vs Singapore’s National Team

I'll update more after the trip ..... ARRGGHHH!!! SO EXCITED!!! ^0^


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