Friday, July 17, 2009

Religions Are Sensitive Issues


I received an email today highlighting about a Muslim journalist and a friend who went to two churches in KL and writing an article, published in Al Islam magazine on their May 2009 issue .Following the article, a police report was made by two Catholic men, one of them I knew well as we went to the same church.

Reading the article “"Tinjauan Al Islam Dalam Gereja: Mencari Kesahihan Remaja Murtad" makes me go.. GOSH!! Like that also they can think of!

If Catholics gets lotsa cash by bringing the Muslim to be converted, I think I would be rich by now.. hahaha..

It’s not wrong to visit and join the congregation at church for mass/services. Even if it’s for journalism purposes, they don’t have to be following EVERY SINGLE thing the Catholics does at church..I have Buddhist friends who join me for Sunday mass before and I didn’t tell them “If we kneel, you must kneel, If we bow, you must bow’. No such thing! They are allowed to just sit and be as stiff as a rock if they want to..There’s no law saying a non-Catholic or Christian individual MUST do what we do in church..

If I were the journalist, when the rest of the congregation starts to walk up to the priest or communion minister to receive Holy Communion, I would be curios, yes, but I would rather OBSERVE around and realized that not EVERYONE went up to receive Holy Communion and by then I would just remain in my seat and watch the process taking place. Beside, I’m sure there would be a short announcement from the commentator that “ The Holy Communion is a sacred practice, ONLY BAPTIZED and PRACTICING Catholics are welcome to receive Holy Communion”. So I guess they must be deaf too..

Visitors are allowed to visit churches but of course, one must have respect to a place of worship & holiness. For example, if I go to a Chinese or Indian temple or even a mosque and they require me to remove my shoes before I enter and musn’t talk loudly, then I do it with respect. Same goes to churches!

Don’t make such a big HOOHAA if there’s no strong facts, my dear journalist. Don’t tarnish the image of your people and let us live in peace and respect for each other’s religions (faith) , traditions & cultures (race / ethnic).

Read the article “"Tinjauan Al Islam Dalam Gereja: Mencari Kesahihan Remaja Murtad"

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Police report

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