Sunday, November 29, 2009

AWOOoooo!!! New Moon!!


New Moon premiers in Malaysia on 25th Nov 2009, Wednesday and the nationwide screening was on 26th Nov 2009, Thursday.

Yet, I told myself.. be patient just for a few more days... My sweet sister was the one who queued up patiently amidst the looooong queues on 26th Nov to get us the tickets and better seats for Saturday's (27th Nov 2009) midnight show so that we would be able to watch together after her shift ends at work.

YES!! Got the ticket! Good seats too! Kudos to my sister!

The crowds waiting at the cineplex - not only are there teenagers or tweenagers.. those who are young at heart are there as well! =)

The wait's over, FINALLY, I get to watch NEW MOON!!

The first thing I realized was - the kissing scenes. In the book, the smell of Bella's blood is too yummy for Edward to resist. So.. yeah.. he practises his self control over her scent by not breathing. There's no show of affection by kisses at all..what more on french kisses...hmmppff... So, for the benefit of non-readers of New Moon book, the reason why Bella asked Edward to kiss her before she gets into her home after the paper cut incident at the Cullen's place was because Bella on the other hand yearned for Edward's proximity. She's human...and he's her boyfriend..of course she craves for affection..

Secondly, in the movie, Bella addresses Charlie as "Dad", not in the book though...Bella calls him Charlie.. she finds it awkward to call him dad so she calls him simply by his name, Charlie. Also, in the book Charlie is not so "positive" nor good at cracking little jokes as in the movie - but I guess the director wants to instil some good "parent-child" mannerisms to the movie goers, especially the tweenagers.

Next.. about Jacob and Bella's special friendship. The intensity of Jacob's feelings towards Bella can be felt strongly in the movie compared to the book. Ohh.. I must mention that at one part of the movie when Jacob took of his shirt to wipe of Bella's bleeding forehead after she fell from the bike.. his hot body took my breath away...................but I was feeling even more faintish with glee over his buff body after his transformation took place, his body looks even HOTTER! GAWD! If all guys have that type of body......ooppss..pardon me... back to New Moon.. =p

Above: A scene from the movie where Bella goes to the movies with Mike Newton and Jacob Black. This part is quite funny...Mike and Jacob BOTH let their hands rest on the armrest - hoping for Bella to choose and hold on to them...

Also the way she finds out about what Jacob has turned into is different. In the book, Bella figured out by herself that Jacob has turned into a wolf after putting pieces of information together but in the movie, she found out watching his trasformation "Live".

Harry Clearwater's fatal heart attack in the book, happened when he was in the woods but directors decided to add Victoria into the picture (sort of to merge a few chapters together into a continuous scene). In the movie, Victoria attacked Harry Clearwater before she got chased by the wolf pack. Harry passed away from the shock and heart attack after Victoria's assault.

After the casting of votes by the Cullen family (which supports Bella's decision to become one of them after her grduation day), Bella was happy with the support and the movie ended by Edward proposing for her to be his wife if she wish for him to "change" her himself. Now, let me share with those who haven't read teh book yet - the reason why Edward proposed to Bella is because he knows she is not so keen into the idea of marrying young (history of her parents whom married young and later separated). Edward knows by proposing, he hopes to buy some time to allow Bella to stay human as long as she could.

There are a few more scenes that the director cleverly merged together and to make New Moon's movie more interesting...So. I would recommend you to read the New Moon's book and to watch the movie as well! hahahaha!

One of the published trailer:

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