Friday, November 27, 2009

Big Bad Book Sale!


I've never been to the previous Big Bad Wolf Book Sale before.. and I am EXCITED at the idea of CHEAP books...Between RM 3 - RM 10!!

Counting the days, my mind is set - after I got off from office, took the Kelana Jaya LRT from KLCC station to Taman Jaya station. From here, a mere 5 minutes walk and I've arrived at Amcorp Mall.

Never seen Amcorp Mall's car park this full before...

Upon arriving at the entrance of the sale...

Buy! Buy! Buy!!! First you select a few.. then add another.. then another! Some even used a box as a "shopping basket" (including yours truly) =p hehehehe

Look at all those books... This is so much better than any other book fair I've been!

There's also a section for Children books.

Not to forget books in Chinese...
By the way, notice the word "Chinese" and "Cashier" are so close by that it read "Chinese Cashier"? hehehehehe....I was too busy browsing and selecting books, I didn't notice till my friend pointed it out and made me and another guy standing nearby laughed...hahaha

The queue is long but the wait is not too bad...

Many "Chinese Cashiers".. are set up for customer's convenience =)

All these are in the range of RM8 - RM10 per book.
I went there to get 10 books but ended with.. 19 books... @_@

Anyway, I AM A HAPPY HAPPY BOOKPIGGY today!! ^_^

Venue: Level 3, Amcorp Mall (former cinema lot)
Date: 26th Nov - 2nd Dec 2009
Time: 10am - 9pm

Visit Big Bad Wolf Website for location map of the sale venue, Amcorp Mall.

The Star Online Write Up on Big Bad Wolf Booksale : Click here and here.


ejia said...

19 books??!! RM3 - RM10? That was insanely cheap!! Must go get some books for myself

Mystique Castalia said...

YEAH!!! Go ...else will regret!! ;P

ejia said...

didn't manage to go...something pops up out of a sudden... :'(

Mystique Castalia said...

Still got time to go.. the book sale till 2nd Dec ;)

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