Sunday, November 15, 2009

Krabi - Tiger Cave


On the way to Elephant trekking ride, our guide stopped by Tiger Cave temple. Reason given was there's another batch of people still on the elephant ride so, we are free to roam around Tiger Cave temple for half an hour before we continue our journey to Huay Tho Elephant Safari. Lucky Lucky!! A tour to Tiger Cave temple usually are being charged but got it free this time!

I wonder why they call it Tiger Cave temple.. used to have tigers guarding the entrance to the temple? Cave looks like tiger? hmm... So.. I continued walking...

Upon entering the Tiger Cave temple area, I noticed monkeys are everywhere! (circled them in yellow). It's like visiting the Botanical gardens at Penang Island =p

131 steps up leading up to caves and Big Tree

86 steps down more leading to caves and big tree...

On the way to caves, noticed a few "houses" build among the limestone for monks to live in.
Gosh.. after walking up and down the legs were shivering uncontrollably...TIRED !!

One of the area monks pray.. there are a few more areas.. smaller caves that the monks prays and meditates.

Dead tortoise shells

Yes.. live tortoises are found roaming free among the area.. when they are dead.. their shells are collected and placed on display =p

Stalagmite...that looks like brain...except that it has glitters? =p

The Big Tree the signboard meant... hehehe...
Trunks are huge...but the tree itself is not that big... @_@

Wait.. where's the famous Tiger Cave? Not here? Higher ground? Ohh!! No thank you... I can't wait to get back to the van and head off to meet some elephants! =p Time to climb up and down the staircase again....Here we go...

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