Sunday, November 15, 2009

Krabi - Elephant Ride @ Huay Tho Safari


After the short detour at Tiger cave temple..another 20 minutes ride away...we'll be reaching Huay Tho Elephant Safari. Elephant Trekking time! WOOHHOOO!!!
Guess what? We're the only Asian group.. the rest are all Europeans (all the way from Norway, Sweden etc) ! =p

The van that transported us to the elephant safari

Entrance to Huay Tho Elephant Safari

The sight of a mahoot (elephant caretaker) and his elephant greeted our arrival.

Bananas to feed the elephant after the ride.

Ascend and Descend the elephants on the platform

Elephant poo along the trek...hahaha..

The elephant we were riding keep flapping its big ears and smacking its tail on its back..Luckily didn't smack on my head.. =p

Track goes along the's really a cool feeling to be on the back of an elephant... it's like I am walking so high up, I can see the ground from a higher level (it's something big for a short person like me... =p)

Picking up food along the way...hehehe..greedy eh.. =p

Grabbed food and shove into mouth

Gimme more bananas!! First time, I see up close and personal, these elephants use their trunks to grab the bananas being fed to them .. SO FAST!!

After the ride, bottled mineral water and slices of pineapples were served. yeap.. it's all in the package =p

The guide took us to Huay Tho Waterfall after the Ellie ride

Nothing spectacular...

Yeah.. I think a visit here can be skipped.. if you wanna take up Elephant Trekking package.. you may wanna skip the visit to the waterfalls =)

Elephant Trekking + Huay Tho Waterfall Visit + Hotel Transfer = THB 900/pax
Visit Huay Tho Safari website or Contact Naris at for updated packages of elephant trekking. His English is by far the best compared to other guides.. =D

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