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Let's Go Holiday - Krabi


Have been looking forward for this holiday trip to KRABI, Thailand since early of this year!

I haven't been on Thailand grounds before... not even Hadyai. THAI TOM YUM!! Here I come!

Thanks to Air Asia's Go Holiday package, managed to get ZERO fare flight ticket and a GREAT deal on accommodation ^_^

Assignments and exams are over..GOODBYE COLLEGE!
Ditching my work in office till I return next week..GOODBYE OFFICE! =p

Air Asia Fleet - usually it's all red and white..the white and blue was to promote snorkelling at some islands I think.. saw some f fishes and corals..

Previously, I thought Krabi is an island.. only to find out that it's something like Port Dickson in Malaysia.. =p Lotsa tourists make it as the "fort" to travel to other islands around Krabi.
There are like 83 islands scattered nearby.

Upon reaching Krabi International Airport, I was all smiles! Saw my name on the placard for my airport transfer. ..Ahh.. I felt like a VIP..hehehe.. the driver even helped to take my baggage to the van..yeap.. Felt like a Princess already =p

The van that transfer guests from airport to hotel

I felt like I was in Ipoh when I saw these limestones along the way to the hotel.

Driver stopped at the local gas station to filled up the gas tank before continuing journey to the hotel. He can speak basic English and I find the way he pronounce some words quite cute and funny =p

Driver made a left turn after this sign and 5 minutes later, we've arrived at our hotel, The Small Resort, Krabi.

The Small Resort, Krabi is at the corner of the road and quite centralized between Noparathara Beach and Ao Nang Beach. It's more abuzz in Ao Nang stretch though...So, may I suggest, should you plan to visit Krabi in future, choose a hotel which is located at the Ao nang stretch, or the stretch that has McD and Starbucks =D

The map of Ao Nang and Noparathara Beach looks quite a distance but if you can walk from one end of Penang's Batu Feringhi beach to another end of it, then you find this is not a hassle at all =P

Top: Hotel building
Bottom: Krabi map and other tour information FREE at the entrance of hotel

Hotel Lobby - waiting area

Was greeted Sa wad dee kah by the front desk officers and check in was a breeze!
Friendly staffs they are =) At least I get to practise my Hello (Sawad dee kah) and Thank You (Khob Khoon Kah) in Thai during my stay..hehehe..

I was smiling widely when I walked into the room...Worth it..Great deal!!! ^_^

New hotel = New TV set..Flat screen, not the old Box TV sets =p

It rains in the evenings and the umbrellas comes in handy!

Slide the door and you'll walk into the bathroom.

Spacious Bathroom

Complimentary toiletries.

Pool Access Room (Main Wing) - Slide the door open and jump into the pool / sit and enjoy the jacuzzi!
ME LIKEY this concept!

Swim all the way towards the end of the pool. A poolside bar yet to be operational (notice the couple sitting on the left? They are sitting on the stools at the poolside bar)

Comfy mattress with lotsa pillows after a long day walk around Ao Nang / Krabi town.
I think the hotel can read my mind.. I like lotsa pillows "bordering" me when I sleep.. ^_^

Can you believe that this room will cost RM598 per night?? Thanks to Go Holiday package i pay less than that for a 2 nights stay! That's why I am SMILING!
! ^_^

Breakfast at their sister hotel, Krabi La Playa Resort. It's about 3 minutes walk away from The Small Resort, Krabi.

Funny statue =p

Spices Restaurant by the pool @ Krabi La Playa Resort.
It's nice to be enjoying breakfast by the pool...with the breeze...ahh.. relaxing...

Being a guest at The Small Resort, Krabi allows me to use the facilities in Krabi La Playa Resort but I was too lazy after a hearty breakfast to go for a swim here..besides, I have my own pool right outside my room! Duh... =p

Choices of orange, pineapple, fresh milk, coffee, tea and sky juice

Salad Corner

Yoghurt and cereals

White, Wholemeal, Bran bread.. you choose..


Eggs - Omellete, Sunny side Up, Scrambled, Half Boiled..

Toast - Burnt just the way I like it
Fried egg - Yolk broken and cooked just the way I like it
Mashed potatoes to accompany =p

Salad, Mashed Potatoes, Spagetthi Carbonara with Thai chilli flakes and Koko Crunch.

Weird combination right? HAHAHA.. I know!!

Mini cream puff, Sausage Bun, Chicken Sausage, Fried Pad Thai noodle, Spagethhi Carbonara, Mashed Potatoes, French Toast, Vegetable Tempura

Chicken porridge, Potato balls, fried rice, fried noodle, spiralli in tomato sauce and fried banana with black sesame.

Chicken porridge with Thai chilli flakes taste good I'm telling you!

French toast, ham, pancake, sausage, potato balls, spirali and macaroni with tomato sauce and omelette.

Koko Crunch with Strawberry Youghurt! =p

There are designated seats for monks at the airport. Watch where you choose to sit! =D

Three days and two nights stay is not sufficient if you plan to visit Phi Phi Islands and other islands or do Rock Climbing at Railey beach. For list of activities to do in Krabi..check out Andaman Adventures to get some idea.
They said the best time to visit Krabi is between November to March..Well, it rains everyday during late afternoons and evenings while I was there. The locals said the shower pattern has been that way for the past few weeks...So...STRIKE OUT NOVEMBER! Maybe try late December to early January?

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