Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Daidomon Japanese Restaurant


I noticed that there’s many Japanese restaurant offering promotion buffets.
My colleagues decided to head over to Daidomon BBQ Japanese Restaurant @ Great Eastern Mall, Jalan Ampang for dinner. We had the Daidomon Washoku & Yakiniku Buffet. They have 50% off on Mondays to Thursdays for dinner and lunch promotion during weekend and public holidays. However, they did not advise when will their promotion end.

-Entrance of restaurant-

This is my first Japanese Buffet trip. I rate it as "OK" am not "WOWED" by it.. Food spread is not as much as I expected.. :p I'm not a "raw' stuff eater...So, i'm going to be truthful.. I only enjoyed the ice creams, bbq tender beef and SCALLOPSS.. I had lots & lotsa scallops. Kept asking for refill until the uhh.. was it the fourth time, the waiter took my order but it never come :( So, I finished my meal with second helping of 4 scoops of ice creams instead :p

Daidomon Washoku & Yakiniku Buffet
Adult: RM 34++
Child: (101cm to 120cm) RM 19++ // (80cm to 100cm) RM 5++

Daidomon Special Washoku & Shabu Shabu Buffet
Adult: RM 24++
Child: (101cm to 120cm) RM 14++ // (80cm to 100cm) RM 5++

-Items to be BBQ-

-Time to 'play chef" -

- Scallops!! Luv 'em! -

- Thumbs up for the Tofu -

-Prawn Fritters are good too-

DAIDOMON Charcoal Barbeque Japanese Restaurant
Lot 4, Level 3, Great Eastern Mall
No. 303, Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel# : 03-4252 8155
Fax# : 03-4252 8166


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