Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pissing Matters?


I was at class, but my mind drifted away and remembered on particularly two incidences. One at high school, another was outside of my grandma’s house.

The incident in high school happened when I was in Form 3. I was in the same class with my best friend, Saritha (who still remain as my best buddy till now).
One day she decided to wear the baju kurung uniform to school instead of her everyday pinafore. Our add maths teacher, Ms. Lee Kheng Yuen aka Terkebil-kebil (we gave her the nick name terkebil-kebil – because she has this uncontrollable habit of blinking one side her eyes more often) came into the class and then looked at Saritha.

Ms. Terkebil-Kebil : Saritha, kenapa you tukar baju? You kencing kah?!”
Saritha : Hahahaha..Tak adelah, cikgu!

(The whole class have started laughing by then)

Ms. Terkebil-Kebil : Then? You mamak kah?”
Saritha : Tak lah cikgu.. saya India.. saja nak pakai baju kurung aje...hehehe
Ms. Terkebil-Kebil: Ohh.. saya ingat you tukar baju sebab terkencing, pinafore basah..

It took us quite a while to settled down and get serious for add maths lesson that day.. hahahaha..

The second incident which happened outside of my grandma’s place took place in one of the Chinese New Year period. It was night and my sister, my cousin sisters, and I decided to take the bicycles out for a short ride around the housing area or was it a trip to 7-11? Anyway, one of my cousin sisters took a bicycle and my sister rode as her pillion rider. While I took another bicycle and another cousin sister rode with me and we were riding behind. We haven’t rode far when the bicycle in front lost balance and both of them fell to the ground. My first reaction was to call out and ask whether both of them are alright and were they hurt? Then suddenly both of them burst out laughing, and all of us started to laugh (We were still in the middle of the road – Laughing so much till forgot safety). This wasn’t the end yet. We noticed the road suddenly got water (it was all dry before) and my cousin sister who rode the bicycle and fell, in between laughs, she told all of us,” Oh No!! HAHAHA.. I laughed too much, I can’t tahan, I ter-pee! HAHAhAHAHA!” – At this, we laughed even louder!

Just remembering these two incidents make me stifled a laugh when I was at class just now.. hahaha..After that I tried not to rewind those two episodes again and concentrate back to the lecture! :P


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