Saturday, April 11, 2009

Water Chestnut Dessert


I was having dinner with my friends when a guy going from a table to another promoting his goods. As usual, when he came to our table, we brushed him off by shaking our heads indicating “ No, No.. we are not interested”. He walked away and continued to try his luck at other tables.

My friend suddenly asked me, “Hey, have you tried water chestnut dessert before?” I replied,” Nope, how does it look like?”
I like eating fresh water chestnuts but I haven’t seen or heard about water chestnut dessert.
She called out to the guy who came to our table earlier and bought a packet of 5 sets which cost RM 12.50. The guy insist the “package” comes at RM 12.50 each and refused to sell just a packet at RM 2.50.

The water chestnut is covered in a hardened jelly and the top coat is made of chilled coconut milk. First bite, your teeth sinked into the soft texture of the cococnut milk then to the jelly texture and finally the crunchy water chestnut.
I tried another piece which is all white in colour, thinking there’s water chestnut hidden inside. But, it’s all just the coconut milk.. hehehe..I would say I prefer the one with the water chestnut with coconut milk coat on top. Gorging on just the coconut milk piece is just too much to my fancy.


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