Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Maxis FastTap


First, a mobile phone function is to enable the us to be reached at any time, anywhere (if we want to). Then the phone allows us to send short message text to others as another form of communication. Next, they introduced in-built camera, bluetooth, radio, mp3 and video player.. and the list goes on...

Today, they are taking the technology further by introducing intergrated mobile payment service by phone. Not using sms to make payments but more like Touch’n’ Go or VisaWave method.

"Maxis FastTap is the first global commercial service that intergrates multiple NFC ((Near Field Communication) applications for contactless credit card payment (in collaboration with Visa and Maybank) and Touch’n’Go electronic payment for toll and parking. NFC is a short-range wireless open-paltform technology that allows communication between devices at a close range. Maxis Communications Bhd, with partners Nokia, Visa, Maybank and Touch‘n’Go marks the first in the world milestones for contactless mobile payments using NFC technology" (theSun, Apr 14 ’09, pg 21)

Nokia 6212 classic which is 3G-enabled with 2 megapixel camera is currently the only NFC-enabled phone in the world and is priced at RM 899 (without contract) and at RM 499 (with Value Plus 150 plan/24 months contract).

What's next to be included in mobile phones?


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