Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mouse & Ladies


She’s at one end of the kitchen while her maid was on another end of the kitchen.
All of a sudden, from the corner of her eye, she saw a mouse making its entrance into the kitchen. Faster than a lightning, she found herslf on the high chair and another leg on the kitchen table while she screams in panic. Her maid got shocked and asked “ Apa, Ma’am?! Apa, Ma’am?!” (What is it , ma’am?!) But she can’t tell her maid what she saw as she was still shrieking in fright.

Poor maid was holding on a colander full of apples with a plate below the colander to prevent water dripping on the floor. Suddenly, she saw her maid’s face went pale and the plate crashed to the floor (colander of apples still safe on her hands).

She : Kenapa jatuhkan pinggan?! (Why did you dropped the plate?!)
Maid: Takut, ma’am.. takut (I’m scared ma’am) - while patting on her own chest a few times..
She : Takut apa?! (What are you scared of?!)
Maid : Tikus Ma’am…Takut Ma’am.. Takut (Mouse ma’am, I’m scared, ma’am)
She : Kenapa takut tikus? Tikus tak gigit! Tengok, pinggan sudah kau pecahkan.. (Why are you afraid of mouse? They don’t bite! See.. .now plate is broken..)

Guess what?
She was saying all these to her maid when she was still on top of the chair and one of her leg on the kitchen table!!!!! WAHAHAHAHA!!


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