Thursday, April 9, 2009

What Happened in Class


It was killer brain cells class again. Starting of new chapter, beginning was mostly theoretical. I was looking at the lecturer but then again, my mind is not in class – it flew home and rested on my purple bed. Hahaha

My classmate stirred me up from my dream by passing me his note – I looked at him with a question marked face and then realised he wrote something on the note, “He’s sleeping”. I look at the direction of the guy who fell asleep last week and true enough , hands crossed, head tilt down a little to the left and eyes shut. The lecturer just asked him before beginning of the class “ Would you be awake today?” and he said “ Should be able to stay awake as I’m worjking from home whole day – enough rest” – but then again.. there he goes.. zzZZzzZZzzZZ.. hehehee
I smiled at my classmate and continued to observe that fella. His head starts to tilt and nod..which most people call it “fishing”. At one time, it could go one round…at times his head tipping as if he’s listening to some slow R&B music. Hahaha!!
Then I turn to my right, saw another of my classmate “fishing” but her fishing wasn’t as bad as the other guy :p But, it was quite entertaining to see them dozing off..hihihi

After the 15mins break, class resumed and the “fishing guy” is awake. At one point, he asked the lecturer, “Eh, how do we get the value of “X”?” Lecturer answered,” How? We calculate loh...” Hahahaha…At least this little joke also woke my another classmate who is sleepy :p
I sent an sms to her boyfriend “Your GF is “fishing” in the class..kekeke” but when the message was sent out, I realised I’ve sent it to my own classmate instead of her boyfriend.. LOLZ! So, basically, I’m sleeping unconciously too! HAHAHAHAHAHA


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