Sunday, February 12, 2012

Genting Highlands - Freeze!


 ~   ICE   ~   MAGIC   ~   EXCITEMENT  ~

That's the show tag line and that's what you get! (at least for me) ^_^
Live shows started from 3rd November 2011 and scheduled till 3rd September 2012 at Genting International Showroom, Genting Highlands.

Genting Highlands was at 14 degrees celcius when I was there. 

Genting International Showroom's entrance

Ticket box office. You can also buy the ticket via phone : +603-2718 1188 and collect your tickets here.

Got MINE!!! ^_^

I was pretty excited to attend this live show and I don't care  like it or not, I've bought the tickets and His Highness will need to sit through this show with me till the end! MUAHAHAHHA! *evil* 

As I enter the hall, I was like "Gosh! IT'S COLD!! Then I recalled,"Ohh! It's the stage, prepared with layers of ice for the skaters!" =p

The stage deco exudes mystery and elegance..I LIKE!!!! ^_^
This is the view I got from where I sat.. Pretty good seat huh? ^_^

Seats behind me

We're not allowed to snap photos or record any video during the show. So, I can't snap any photos with my camera to post it here.. *sad*

Photo by Genting Malaysia

The Funny Penguin EmCee that grace the show!
(he changed costumes a few times in between the show) 

I had the hardest laugh when the funny Penguin Emcee invited a guest on stage to share the spotlight with him. It was so funny, I laughed till I had tears on my eyes (nearly rolled on the floor - but it's public space, must behave..hehehe =p). It was all good fun especially when the invited guest was such a sport! (I clapped my hand so hard for him after he was allowed to leave the stage! LOL!)

Took a quick, "stolen" shot of the cast members after the show ended. I think they have some photo session with the media.

Ticket pricing as per Genting Malaysia's website:

Price ScaleNormal PriceGWC Members' Special Discount a

Price Scale
WorldCard Privilege (Up to 25% Discount)
Full WorldCard Points
Fast Track WorldCard Points
1,000WP + RM76
1,000WP + RM35
1,000WP + RM53.50
1,000WP + RM23
1,000WP + RM31
1,000WP + RM20
View packages for Show + Meal 
View packages for Show + Accomodation

Seat Layout by Genting Malaysia

I sat at PS 1, Seat# EC 202.
I think I made a pretty good choice as the view of the stage is just right for me, not too near, not too far :)

The show lasted for about one hour and 15 minutes and I came out of the hall with a smile on my face... HAPPY!

> More photos on Freeze!
> Short video advert on You Tube
> More info on Genting Malaysia's website ^_^


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