Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day & Single Awareness Day


Valentine's Day and Single Awareness Day (S.A.D) is not a public holiday but everyone seems to make big moolahs and hoo-haa out of it, every year on 14th of February.

Which one do I celebrate? BOTH!! LOL! Well it's still a LOVE-ly day not only for couples but for family, siblings and friends! Spread the LOVE!!! 

Businesses, big or small, they all rake in lotsa CASH on day like this.. with so many people buying gifts,flowers and the $$ spent on food... It's like a mini Christmas for them!!

Like this shoe.. Pretty!!
How can you not buy (if the $$ is reasonable?) =p

Even advertisements were being manipulated for the day of LOVE =p

Too cheesy?


I don't think this would be a welcoming gift if you're with a "normal" minded partner :p

Oh Well... whatever day it is, stay happy and do what you feel you're more comfortable with. Don't get to stressed with peer-pressure. 
Just because someone has a date and you don't, doesn't make you a douche-bag :) So chin up! It's still cool to be single and looking at the brighter side, you don't get the relationship problems that couples have to face.. so enjoy being single while you can =p

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Kate Middleton's Valentine's gift to Prince William: Underpants
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