Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Water Dragon Chinese New Year


This year is the Water Dragon Chinese New Year and celebrated on 23rd & 24th of January 2012. (Last year was the Metal Rabbit's year
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As usual, my Chinese New Year was celebrated at Penang Island. *awww....Home Sweet Home*

Heavy traffic on the Penang Bridge.

This year, I've gotta drive back to Penang from Selangor and brave the HEAVY traffic on the North-South Highway. Usually, I'll just book a flight and FLY home.. (thanks to the QUEEN's order: DRIVE BACK THE CAR!!!!! I don't dare to ignite a cold war to spoil Chinese New Year eh..)

Sad to say.. the Chinese New Year excitement and joy when I was a kid has long been extinguished. When I was younger, I used to get so hype up about buying new clothes for the new year, counting my shillings - getting ready to gamble with my cousins, uncles & aunties (it's once a year we are allowed to do this ok.. for sure excited!), thinking about which type of fireworks / sparklers to buy and of course, the anticipation of how many ang pows (red packet with $$$) will I receive! 

Pop Pop! All time favourite for young kids (and once upon a time ago.. I was one of them)

Sparklers...or I call them "Ann Hui" (hokkien style) Another all time favourite..

Now that I'm in my adulthood, I look forward to the well deserved HOLIDAY, away from work stress and sleeping in a bit later than usual, having yummy food and enjoying the company of my family members andif time permits, I'll try to meet and catch up with a couple of good friends. 

What do I do during Chinese New Year this year? Well, basically, eat, enjoy, sleep late and eat! LOL.. I don't even bother snapping lots of pictures..hahahaha.. But here's a few :

Home cooked food during reunion dinner on 22nd January - Chefs are my aunties and my mom.

Fireworks as the clock strikes 12.00am, 23rd January 2012

Pretty lights decorates my granma's place during Chinese New Year makes it so much more "HAPPENING". 

The mini casino has started its operation! =p

Each year when my cousins, siblings and I sit down and gamble, we always reminisce those days when our favourite uncle was still with us in this world, how he would laugh his contagious funny & sly laugh each time he wins our bet money and how he always have loose change in a small bag of his, telling us "It's okay if you don't have anymore shillings, get some note from your parents and I'll change it for you!"..LOL..hmmm..It has never been the same without him around... the mood during gambling session is more sombre nowadays..He'll be always in our hearts..

Lion dance at one of my dad's cousin's place.

YEE SANG Before & After ^_^

Had this dish during one of our family dinner on the second day of Chinese New Year. Tossing of the salmon, shredded vege and crackers while shouting out for GOOD LUCK, PROSPERITY, and everything nice!! hehehehe =D

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Nasi tomato!! YUMM YUMMMHHH!!!
A very welcoming meal after having an overdose of chinese food =p 

When you're having a good fun, time flies so quickly, It's time to pack and get myself back to reality to work and earn $$$$.. I had a good break from work and it was awesome hanging out with people I cherish the most. Till the next Chinese New Year, my wish is that it would be another great year ahead!


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