Friday, January 6, 2012

Ipoh - Food! Food!Food!


While travelling back to Penang Island, made a short stop at Ipoh for FOOD!! (Obviously!) 

Nga Choi Kai - Bean Sprout Chicken

Which one to try?? Lou Wong or Onn Kee? Let's TRY BOTH!!! hehehe...

Bucket of taugeh (bean sprouts) at Lou Wong's restaurant

Pork balls & Fish balls at Lou Wong

Chicken rice at Lou Wong (forget to take a picture at Onn Kee )

Lou Wong's Ipoh Hor Fun - MY FAVOURITE!!! SMOOTH, SILKY & YUMMYYYYY!!!!!

Onn Kee's Hor Fun

Lou Wong's Steamed Chicken

Onn Kee's Steamed Chicken 

Lou Wong's Bean Sprout Dish
Onn Kee's Bean Sprout Dish
Verdict: I VOTE for LOU WONG RESTAURANT!!! ^_^

What comes after main course? Dessert OF COURSE!
Less than 5 minutes walk away, Funny Mountain Tau Hua (Soy Bean) Custard stall awaits! YAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God knows how long I've been craving for this!

Soy Custard + Soy Bean Milk = "Kills 2 birds with one stone"
Usually, it's enjoyed separately..but.. yours truly is such a greedy PIG!!! =p

More on Funny Mountain Soy Bean :


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