Friday, August 28, 2009

Skybar - Traders Hotel


View of KLCC Twin Tower from where we sat

Poolside in the bar itself

One of the places I visited during my Birthday Month Celebration : SkyBar @ Traders Hotel, KL.
My first visit was for my own birthday and my second visit was during my God-Daughter's Birthday! yeap... same place different dates...hahaha..
It was hot and humid the first time I was there but the second time, it was cooling and breezy as it just rained.

Please make a table reservation before you visit and ask for a table near the window to enjoy the KLCC Twin Tower view at night ^_^ A nice place to chatter away with friends. Those of you thinking of partying there..Scrap that idea.. they play toned down house music all the R&B or Hip Hop..hahaha

The drinks were so-so..I find the only martini that is acceptable to my tastebud is the French martini. The rest? Ugh.. not my taste. The Wagyu Beef Burger and Deep Fried Prawn & Chicken wantan is not bad :)


Long Island

Classic Martini

French Martini - This is the nicest!

Buffalo Wings...erm.. chicken wings actually..hihihi

Face Up Burgers with Sweet Potatoes and Wagyu Beef patty (Rm32)

Chicken Satay

Deep Fried Prawn and Chicken Wantans
33rd Floor Traders Hotel,
Kuala Lumpur City Centre,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel#: 03 2332 9888


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