Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Redang Island for the Second Time


Last year, I stayed at Laguna Redang Resort when I visited Redang Island.
This time around, due to budget constraint, we opt to stay at
Redang Reef Resort (next to Laguna Redang Resort).

Why I am at Redang Island for the second time? My sis and her boyfriend haven’t been there.. and I haven’t gone on any trips (out of Penang) with her before so...we decided to DOUBLE DATE!! (Coincidently, my boyfriend haven't been to Redang Island before as well).
I am their personal tour guide at Redang Island.. hihihi..

Aug 1st - Aug 3rd were chosen by my sis as she just finished her final exams and it coincided with my birthday as well, so I am more than HAPPY to have all my beloved with me on my birthday!! ^_^

Flew via Air Asia from Kuala Lumpur (KL) to Kuala Terengganu (KT). The KT airport facelift work has been completed..looked more presentable now compared to last year.

View of Lake Kenyir from the airplane

The boat that transfer us from the jetty at mainland to Redang Island
(Laguna Redang Resort at the background)

Redang Reef Resort’s check point at Merang Jetty is not at the same spot as the other resorts. There are no stalls along the roadside like the ones at the checkpoint for Laguna Redang and other resort’s jetty. So, you won’t get to buy cheaper souvenirs but to make do with the ones sold at the resort itself which are a bit more expansive.

There are no proper reception area/lobby at Redang Reef. We were told to wait at the waiting area cum dry dining area to be briefed on the itinerary and do’s and don’ts at the resort.

Do – Clear up your own plates, forks, spoons and whatever leftover after every meal and place them in the designated area

Don’t – Walk into the dry dining area when you’re still wet from snorkeling.

After the briefing, we were given our room key and when we walked in to the room, the floor is sticky and a bit sandy..hmm...not really a "warm" welcome...but it's okay..3days 2nights would be a breeze. When night came and we got under the sheets.. Hmmm.. they a a little sticky icky kinda feeling too..like it hadn't been washed properly...

View of our room @ Redang Reef Resort

Condition of bathroom is acceptable..and it have a shower with a heater...

Heads up for light sleepers, you seriously have to think twice to stay at Redang Reef Resort. The rooms are just separated by a thin woodplank. If you're unlucky to get a group of noisy next door neighbours, it's gonna be REALLY IRRITATING... We could hear every single word they utter/sing next door! Geez!!

Food serve at Redang Reef Resort are quite like simple home cooked food.
Following photos are exactly what they serve (the number of dishes). They have tea time but I didn't snapped any photos of my tea time meal. It was some nyonya "kuih" and sweet "thong sui".

Lunch on first day

Dinner on first day (this was what they meant by BBQ dinner...)


Lunch on second day

Dinner on second day

Breakfast on our last day


Yes..no jetty to walk and get into the boat. You gotta "warm up" by swimming to the boat for snorkelling trip!

RM5 to be paid for conservation charge

Feed the fishes time!

I thought this was a different species of sea cucumber, only to find out it was the normal (black) species, only to be covered with sand! hahaha

Moray Eel @ the Marine Park

It's really hot and sunny during the daytime and even with sunblock lotion smeared all over my body and face, I'm still roasted. It rained during the evenings (yes on both days we were there..kill joy...)
But we were lucky on our second night the rain stopped earlier and we managed to venture out to Laguna Redang Resort & Redang Beach Resort for a walk.
Those who haven't been to Redang Island, you may consider Laguna Redang Resort or Redang Beach Resort ^_^ Of course it's more pricey compared to Redang Reef Resort but I would rather pay a little extra for a more comfy accomodation.

Open-air bar @ Redang Beach Resort, next to Laguna Resort

This squirrel is CUTE!! It likes cream crackers!! Best part? It takes food from your hand!

Look !! Just hanging on its two hind legs to enjoy food! hehehe

Putting our accomodation woes aside, it has been a sweet trip..
Looking forward for more trips with my dearest sister! ^_^

Last look before I leave
Monsoon season on the East Coast: end of October – early March
Peak of Monsoon season: November - January
Best time to visit Redang Island : End of March - September


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