Sunday, September 6, 2009

Company Trip to Port Dickson


Last year, we went to Macau for our company trip. But this year, our company decided to support "CUTI CUTI MALAYSIA" (also means Holiday Holiday Malaysia). A bit disappointing as most of us were looking forward to the next international trip. But it's okay.. 'As long as there's still a trip' as quoted by one of my colleague =p

An hour journey away from Kuala Lumpur, our bus headed to Port Dickson's Corus Paradise Resort where we will be spending the short weekend.

Rooms are quite spacious. Yeap, no LCD screen TV...still.. good enough ay?

Water pressure for the shower has a mind of it's own - Sometimes high sometimes low

Basic amenities such as shower cap, shampoo, conditioner and body soap

My room mate and I was quite happy to see queen sized matresses instead of the usual single mattresses. However, it's time for the mattresses to be replaced, some parts of the mattress have sunken.

Also, we noticed that housekeeping division did not do so well. We still managed to see strands of hair and tissue on the floor. But it's alright.. just one night.. not gonna complain much.
Freshen up, it's time to head down to the field for telematch games organized by the hotel themselves.

Telematch games - make the longest chain!

It got so funny after one of the manager took off his shirt and his pants as he was wearing his swimming trunk and some of the other guys decided to do the same even they are just wearing their underpants! All of us were laughing so hard!

Run/Hop while toggling on the ball from one end to another.

Yes we're having fun!

Dinner time arrives and since it's the fasting month for the Muslims, dinner starts when they break fast.

Buffet Spread - Dessert & Fruits

Buffet Spread - Steamboat / Mee Rojak

BBQ in the making.

Buffet Spread - Salad

Fried Rice

Corn and Potato Wedges

Macaroni Cheese and Mixed Vege

Ikan Bakar (Grilled Fish) & Grilled Lamb

BBQ Prawns and Chicken Wings

Chicken sausages and more grilled lamb
After dinner, while the managers and directors laze around with their beer and wine, the executives decided to relived games such as "Kali Toi / Galah Panjang" (one of my favourite), , "Ice Man" and "The Eagle and Mother Hen" (as photo shown above) ^_^. The "eagle" will need to bypass the "mama hen" to catch her chicks lined up behind her. The chick (person) that got tagged by the eagle will become the next eagle.

The night didn't end just there. Although all of us were tired, we continue our games in of of our colleagues room to play UNO! The next morning, my room mate and I (both born in the year of the boar) decided to skip breakfast and continue our beauty sleep.

On our journey back to Kuala Lumpur, we decided to have lunch first. Lucky PD Seafood Restaurant was chosen as majority of the group craves for Curry Chicken Bun. Read about the post here.


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