Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Human Traffic Jam in LRT


Drivers in KL, you think you hated the traffic jam so much? Well, at least you are in the comfort of your own air-conditioned car.
Give thanks that you don’t have to crammed up with strangers, smelling all kinds of body odours and getting your body in contact with other people around. On top of that, you have to tolerate standing in an uncomfortable position all the way to your destination. When you finally reached your destination, you’ve got to “fight” your way out before the door closses but once you’re out of the train, you breathe better and feel less stressed! That’s how I felt..haha..

Not only KL road traffic is crazy during peak hours, LRT (not to forget KTM & Monorail) have crazy human traffic jam too!
Sometimes, I start to have crazy thoughts, worrying whether the LRT will be derailed and fall onto the roads below due to overloaded passengers. *Shivers*

To avoid these human traffic jam, I’ve got to wake up earlier and reach the Kelana Jaya LRT station before 7.15am. After 7.15am, the queue will be stretched out so long, it makes you feel like, "Oh well, lets get back to sleep and come back later". But of course I didn't :p

If I’m lucky, I’m still able to get a seat and have a more relaxed journey. But, when I’m not so lucky, with my height and size, I got squashed in between “giant’ human beings. @_@

A shout out to all perverts who doesn't know how to keep their hands to themselves, "Watch out! If you decided to pull your nonsense stuffs on wrong person such as your's truly in crowded LRT, You'll be SORRY!" Muahaha ^O^

However, LRT ride is not always a nightmare.. it's just during peak hours and unscheduled technical issues that occurs :P

For the benefit of those who never took LRT or busses in KL before, click here to go to Rapid KL's website to have a look at the LRT Route Map / Ticket Fares:)


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