Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Man & Cat


I just got out from my shower and was just drying my hair when I heard a man’s voice. It was quite loud as I can hear it even my hair dryer is “screaming” away. I got a little shocked and quickly switched off the hair dryer then listen again. It sounded like the voice came right outside my room window! I kept my ears..

Then I heard it again, “Wooosshhh! Woooossssh!” and a cat replied “meoowww.. meooww”. Again, the man’s voice called out louder, “Hooosshh! HOOOOSSHHH!” and the cat meowed the same reply only that it sounded more “manja”.
By then, I realized the man’s voice came from downstairs and it belonged to my housemate! I can't help it, I started giggling then laughing alone!

It didn’t stop there, he was getting frustrated, so he started to shout louder, “ WWARGGHHH!!!! WAARRGGGHHH!!!” and the cat meowed again, refusing to leave! And I laughed harder (but still trying not to be too loud just in case my housemate heard me. He was trying to shoo the cat away because he wants to go to bed and the cat's calling is irritating him.



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