Thursday, January 29, 2009

Let's Sumazau


Suddenly, I’ve got the urge to listen to kadazandusun songs. My favourite would be the classical Jambatan Tamparuli made popular by Justin Lusah. This song has been sung and remixed by many and I think, younger generations will not know which was the original version.

After Justin Lusah’s original version, comparing others, I would go for Clarie John Matha’s version.

Click on the link to listen to the songs:

Jambatan Tamparuli by Justin Lusah

Jambatan Tamparuli by Clarice John Matha

Listening to this make me reminisce those days when we had Christmas parties at home and how mom’s friends from Sabah danced the Sumazau dance (Yes, they managed to fit in the small living room! Hahaha). However, Jambatan Tamparuli's rhythm is a teeny bit to fast for a Sumazau dance but still gives me the mood though :P

Sumazau is the most well known traditional dance in Sabah. It looks deceptively easy but those who can’t catch on the rhythm, your legs & hands will go haywire.. hahaha..Happened to me at my first trial.. and I was laughing at myself. But, after all the twisted legs and awkward hand gestures, I managed!! :)


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