Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tuaran - Tamu


In search of Bambangan & Tuwau (local tradisional Appetizer I call them =p) aunt & uncle bought us over to Tuaran's Tamu.

Arrival at Tuaran...

The beginning of tamu

Found fresh stalks of tuhau! YAAAYYYYY!!!!!

Shopping checklist COMPLETE! Cili Padi, Tuhau (Pickled & Fresh stalks), Cili Padi Sambal & Bambangan

First attempt to make tuhau out from the fresh stalks

SUCCESSFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAYYYY!!!

Oopppss...sorry about the side tracked topic.. heheheh...
Back to Tuaran, went to search for "Adidas Kampung" (the local adidas shoe)

New "generation" Adidas Kampung at RM 5.90/pair... hahahahhaha

(Why did I get a pair of Adidas Kampung? Well.. uhh.. Hoping to "train" hiking with them...hahhhahahhah)


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