Friday, June 15, 2012

Kota Kinabalu - Filipino Market


One of my cravings need to be I head over to Filipino market to hunt for a humble bowl of soto! =p the market is located just opposite Le Meridien Hotel and less than 5 minutes walk away from Warisan Square.

Filipino market - View from Warisan Square

Inside the market.. just like the usual night market

Vendors selling all types of vegetables, and my favoutite - CILI PADI (bird's eye chilli)! =p

Just like the normal night market, Except, it has fresh grilled seafood on sale... =p

My first bowl of soto daging at Filipino market RM 3.50 / bowl

Sambal "goreng" to accompany the soto..SLURRPPP!!!!! (usually the sambal is just blended chilli mixed with vinegar)..but this has more UMMPPHH!!!

Second bowl of  soto daging at a different stall..hehehe

The usual "extra seasonings" to accompany soto..clockwise from right: salt, chillies blended with vinegar, soy sauce, vinear & pepper.

The handicraft market is just around the corner of Filipino Market

There are many many many stalls inside the handicraft market to choose your souvenirs =p

Need an emergency fix of torn clothes? head over to the mobile tailors just outside the handicraft market! ^_^

Get your salted fish/squid/anchovies or other dried food here too! =D

All types of keropok (crackers)! Sotong Ball crackers, prawn ball crackers.. etc etc...

My favourite: Sunset view taken from KK Waterfront 


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