Saturday, May 19, 2012

China House, Penang


I was introduced to China House just recently and I declared to myself : This would be my next hangout place with friends and family!! ^_^

The whole place is made up of three units of shophouses, linked together and forms fourteen spaces of hang out place (Cafe, bar, art gallery, etc..) Cool huh?!! 

Vintage deco all over the area, it kinda gives one a sense of peace..

Bottle of sky juice served in a bottle instead of a jug.

The spread of desserts


and More!!!!

Dining area of BTB & Restaurant

Part of KOPI.C area

Another dining area at Kopi.C

Kopi C Menu

Ginger Bud Pesto Vegetarian Spaghetti @ RM 22

Ginger Bud Pesto Vegetarian Spaghetti with Grilled Chicken Breast @ RM 29

Parmesan Crumbled Chicken Schnitzel, Sweet potato Mash and Rocket Salad @ RM 34

Grilled Prawn, Mango & Avocado Salad with Pistachio & Basil Dressing @ RM 36
Beef short rib with Sweet Potato Mash and Greens @ RM 40

The food was served in very reasonable timing despite the swarm of people and the staffs were friendly and courteous. 

Lousy photo I know!! ^_^  Its actually 2 types of cakes shown above - The Tiramisu and the Double Chocolate Brownies with Pecans =p Sharing desserts have never been so yummy!

Map to China House (courtesy of China House Penang)


153 & 155 Beach Street & 183B Victoria Street
George Town, Penang
Tel#: +604-263 7299

Call to make a reservation!! This place has a string of non-stop patrons coming in & out, many has to wait for a table ^_^

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