Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Chilli Rush, PJ


Their logo is cute! ^_^

I first heard about this place from and from the way they described it, I feel the need to experience the "RUSH" myself. 

The bar

Near the entrance 

Green Apple Slushie @ RM 6.50
@_@ SOUR! 

Spinach Cheesy Pasta @ RM 17.90
I'll go for seconds if not for the need to join in the feasting of the hot wings with the rest..

Beef Kebabs on Buttered Rice @ RM 16.90

Nyonya Fried Rice @ 14.90

Kid's Meal - Half Coney Dog style with chips
(Yes, they allow young adults to order Kid's meal =p)

Looking at the menu, we decided to go ahead and order Level 8 Chilli Rush Wings to begin with. Minimum order is 6pcs. I asked if they can do 3 pcs Level 8 and 3 pcs Level 10 - they rejected me :( 

Chilli Rush Hot Wings - Level 8 - Close to Insanity @ RM 16 (6pcs)

As the waiter served us this platter, the aromatic smell of chilli makes my mouth waters..The sauce compliments the crispy fried hot wings wonderfully. It's YUMMY!!! We all actually love this so much we decided to go for Level 10! hahahha..(Close to Insanity indeed!)

Chilli Rush Hot Wings - Level 10 - Chilli Rush @ RM 17 (6pcs)

The sauce is covered wih one of the spiciest chilli in the world: Naga Bhut Jolokia aka Ghost Chilli / Ghost Chilli Pepper

The colour of the sauce of level 10 is slightly of darker shade than the one of level 8.
The whiff of spicy smell crept into our noses just before the waiter puts the platter on our table and I know.. this is gonna be SPICY! It smelled like dried chillies (was told that they used fresh & dried ghost chillies and some spices to make the sauce)

Tasted the sauce, it's padi / bird's eye chilli  plus the dried chilli smell. SO, took the second piece..and finished that, my mouth & lips starts to go WOOHOOO with spiciness.. I LIKEE!!!!! Pair this sauce with nasi lemak or noodle soup, it would be awesome! 2 pieces was my limit - wouldn't want to set myself on fire now eh? LOL!

Verdict: As much as I love spicy stuffs, I would recommend to order Level 8 Hot Wings as it's just "nice" compared to Level 10. Don't attempt Level 10 if you can't stand the spiciness of normal chilli padi and you won't enjoy the wings if you start to flap your hands like wings (That's you Ms.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia
The innocent looking Ghost Chilli (doesn't look scary.. I wonder why they nicknamed it ghost chilli..hmmm..ghost = spicy?) @_@

J-31-G, Jaya One, No.72A, Jalan Universiti,
Petaling Jaya, 46200 Selangor
Tel#: +603-7960 7368
(next to Wendy's / Opposite IACT College Lecture Hall)
Chilli Rush Facebook Page

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