Monday, October 4, 2010

A Moment of Hush at Colmar Tropicale


Its time to get some quiet time away from the city and most important of all - the stressful long hours at office!!

Decided to make a short trip to Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi. Most of my friends said it's a boring place..but let's go anyway =p

On the way up to Colmar Tropicale.. the road is quite narrow..

After nearly 15mins drive up the road..finally reached!!

How it looked like inside..

Lobby is on your left as you walked in from the main entrance.

CUCKOO!! CUCKOO!!! Clocks showing time of London, Paris, Tokyo, New York and of course local time , Malaysia :)

My first impression of the Superior Room...Wow.. this is huge!! It's more like a one bedroom apartment! This is just the living room..

Dining area.. good place to have a game of UNO Stacko / UNO card/ Cho Tai Ti? hehehe

Housekeeping needs improvement....mentiond this in my customer survey and a week after that, received an email from the marketing department stating that "they have received my feedback and will improve.. yadaa..yadaa..yada.. hope to see me in Colmar Tropicale again in future.."

Kitchen area.. but management stressed "NO COOKING ALLOWED!"

Dressing room next to the bathroom.

Bathtub with shower and the amenities are quite standard.

That door right after the wardrobe is the dressing room and also access to the bathroom.

Plenty of natural light in the morning. Made a complaint about the pillows and bed as well - too soft that I got neckache and I think there are bed bugs!

Scenery out of mybedroom window..

Swimming Pool...
What to eat at Bukit Tinggi? Although they boasts having quite a few restaurants/ cafe there..There's actually nothing appetizing..Since upon check in, the hoel has given a 20% discount voucher to dine at Le Poulet Roti, so let's not waste the voucher =p

Le Poulet Roti Cafe in the morning..

Oriental Roasted Chicken - comes with oriental sauce which turns out to be soya sauce with a bit of belacan and chillies?? @_@

Roasted Chicken with Mushroom Sauce..I find this better than the Oriental.

Complimentary dessert - muffin. If you're hungry.. you won't mind its tough texture..hahaha...

Buffet breakfast at Le Blason - nothing much to eat..

The shuttle bus to Japanse Garden :)

Huhhh??? I seriously didn't expect to be going on a hiking route when I reached the entrance to the Japanese Garden & Botanical Garden.

Wearing a dress and a slipper..okay...hope I don't get blisters and guys, don't peek at my bum bum! =p

Approximately 10 minutes, came by to this sign board, huffing and puffing... geezz..this is what happens whn you're not a person that goes on a regular exercise workout..

Went to the Japanese Garden first..

Cute little Japanese dolls for sale at souvenir shop.

"Hiking" is not over..there are steps to climb along the Japanese Garden..

More steps!! @_@

Lotsa green.. very relaxing for the eyes..

You can rent a kimono here and take pictures..

Popular photography spot.. hehehe...Did I pose to take any pictures here? NOPE! =p
Instead,I took pictures of people taking pictures of themselves.. hahaha

Japanese restaurant - Ryo Zan Tei nearby Botanical Garden.

At the Botanical Garden..Which way to take? Hmmm..actually it leads to the same meeting point further up.. :p

Am not sure why these trees has such funny names in Bahasa Melayu..lolz..
Kembang Semangkuk Jantung - Swollen Bowl of Heart
Minyak Beruk - Poo of Monkey...

Viewing tower at night..

This is what you can see when you're at the top of the viewing tower..

Wishing Well! I've forgotten to make a wish! Bummer!

Mini open air theater..

Target Shooting? RM 5.00 for 5 pellets! Crazy~!

Wanted to have a go at pool.. but there's no one manning the counter..hmm..

So.. gave up in waiting and played shoting game instead.. :P

For the kiddos...

"Fish a Duck!"

Visited the Sports Complex further down the hill.. it's like a white elephant place..

The deserted bowling alley at the Sport Complex..

Archery and Squash court..


Golf course

4-faced Buddha statue - The three faces are female, another is a male face..There are no description of any sort why this temple were built here.
The 4-faced Buddha marks the last destination for my trip to Bukit Tinggi..
Will I be back? I guess not... I ONLY enjoyed the visit to the Japanese Garden...
This would be classified as a "Just a one time - look see trip" :)


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